Grievous statement of Sweta Khadka on Shree Krishna birthday

On the birthday of late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, his wife actress Sweta Khadka has asked for his blessings to get well. In a long statement she wrote in Facebook, Sweta told that she is still sick and bed-ridden.

sweta khadka and shree krishna shrestha  (2)

Although Sweta is impatient to work on the plans Shree and Sweta made before his death, her sickness has been a major hindrance. Sweta wrote, "In the previous birthdays I used to be present with a present, this time I have gathered the courage to ask a present of my wellness from you."

As a present, Sweta has promised to remain true to Shree Krishna’s love throughout her live. Although they are apart geographically, Sweta has promised that her soul will always be close to Shree Krishna.

With the statement, Sweta also share a photo of Shree’s earlier birthday and photos of them together in a beach (attached).

shree krishna cutting birthday cake - historical photo

Sweta’s letter to Shree Krishna (full version from Facebook):

sweta khadka letter to shreekrishna birthday

shree krishna shrestha and sweta khadka beach

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