Gurus of Rekha Thapa, Komal Oli and Sunil Pokharel (Guru Purnima Special)

On Tuesday, July 19, Nepali celebrated Guru Purnima by worshiping their ultimate teacher – Guru. The Guru is the person who has the most influence on a person’s life. The Guru is more than a teacher or an idol.

guru purnima special guru of reka komal and sunil

Who is Rekha Thapa’s Guru?

Actress Rekha Thapa doesn’t have a Guru as such. When asked to name one, Rekha told that she considers her father the Guru at home. After her father, her mother taught her to be good mannered. In the film industry, Rekha had previously told that Naresh Poudel is her God Father in the film industry.

Who is Sunil Pokharel’s Guru?

The theatre actor and director, Sunil Pokharel considers Harihar Sharma as his first Guru in theatre. Harihar Sharma taught him the basics of theatre plays. While he studied in New Delhi, he was influenced by Anuradha Kapoor, BM Shah, Nibha Joshi and Rabin Das. He considers director Rabin Das the most influential Guru. He says, being a Guru himself is the toughest part of life.

Who is Komal Oli’s Guru?

Singer and actress Komal Oli considers her father her Guru. Her father used to play harmonium at home. She grew up in the musical environment. After father she considers her mother a Guru. Komal says, “My mother introduced me to my father, the culture, lifestyle, relationships, and motherhood.” In the professional world, Koma Oli considers Dr. Govinda Acharya and late Narayan Pandey for her musical career. For her radio announcement career, Komal considers Pravin Giri her Guru.

Singer Pashupati Sharma also considers his parents his first Guru. He says, he doesn’t have a professional Guru. He diplomatically says that every teachers, co-workers, his listeners his Guru.

Musician Kali Prasad Baskota considers Kamal Chhetri his Guru. Chhetri taught him classic music. In addition to music Baskota also learnt the life lessons from Kamal Chhetri.

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