6 second of Rajesh Hamal dance in a Teej song, in woman’s appearance (video)

The superstar actor Rajesh Hamal is being featured in a Bhadra 9 (August 25, 2016) release movie ‘Sakuntala’. Based on the character, a Teej music video featuring Rajesh Hamal in a woman’s role is released on July 19, 2016. In the music video, Rajesh Hamal has performed a short but nice dance. Watch the Teej music video. (The music video is attached at the end of the post)

In the music video – Rajesh Hamal appears at 2:15 and ends at 2:42. It is really short. Another appearance is at 4:34 to 4:44.

rajesh hamal dance in teej song

The music video features actors Kishor Khatiwada, Shankar BC, and Smriti Shrestha. The song is made on the lyrics and music of Ek Narayan Bhandari. The singers are Jiwan Pariyar and Keshu Guurng. The choreographer of the music video is Shankar BC, camera by Rajesh Ghimire, editing by Nabin Gharti Magar.

The movie ‘Sakuntala’ is directed by Dinesh Shrestha and features Anu Shah opposite to Rajesh Hamal. Other actors in the movie are Kishor Khatiwada, Rabindra Basnet, Smreeti Shrestha, Rabi Giri, Pradeep Dhakal, Rajkumar Thapa, Shivan Shrestha and Sashank Basyal. The script writer and the cinematographer of the movie is Deeness Shrestha, film editors are Shahil Khan and Milan Shrestha. The music director is Arjun Pokhrel, lyrics by Krishna Hari Baral and Dayaram Pandey. The background score is prepared by Alish Karki. The action director is Asta Maharjan.

Once one of the most busy actor, these days Rajesh Hamal hasn’t signed in new movies. Currently, ‘Sakuntala’ is the only known movie that features Rajesh Hamal. Rajesh Hamal is currently in a family vacation in Thailand with his wife Madhu Bhattarai.

Watch a video report on Rajesh’s female appearance (video made in January of 2016):

Teej song – featuring Rajesh Hamal.

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