Hostel producer Sunil Rawal sued journalist RK Subedi

‘Hostel’  and ‘Saayad‘ producer Sunil Rawal has accused journalist RK Subedi for defaming him. When Rawal refused to pay the money Subedi asked for the promotion of ‘Saayad’, Subedi had published various public notices in his magazine ‘Box Office’ weekly.

sunil rawal message in facebook

Sunil says that he had paid all the dues for the promotion of the movie in the magazine. It seems, Subedi did  a Puja for the movie and claimed the the cost Rs. 25,000. Sunil refused to pay the amount as the spending wasn’t agreed on beforehand. In a Facebook message Sunil said, ‘I have taken RK Subedit to the district court. He defamed me by telling that I didn’t pay him.’

The 15-days notice (The District Court asking RK Subedi to be present in the court). Note, the notice was published on September 10, 2013.

notice in newspaper

Various notices in ‘Box Office’ weekly asking Sunil Rawal to pay the money:

notices in box-office weekly

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