What happened to Sharon Shrestha harassment accusation against Sunil Rawal ?

The actress of Sunil Rawal’s only flop film ‘Sayaad 2’, Sharon Shrestha has accused the producer of harassment during shooting of the movie.

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Some of Sharon’s accusations:

  • Sunil Rawal was very touchy. He used to touch the actresses, touch their hands and tried to hug them.
  • He forced them to drink wine in his birthday in Pokhara during the shooting of ‘Saayad 2’.
  • Sunil held and carried two ‘Saayad 2’ actresses during the birthday celebration.
  • Sunil used to whisper in ear and kiss her in the ear.
  • Sunil had proposed her to be his girlfriend. In return, he promised to help her become the air hostess at Simrik Air.

But, after that, Sharon and Sunil Rawal reached in an undisclosed agreement and have agreed not to talk about the issue anymore. In the agreement, neither of the party have told anything about the things they had told in the past.

Does that mean, Sharon was true in all of her statement?

What is in the agreement?

In the agreement between Sunil Rawal and Saron Shrestha – both parties have agreed to end their disagreement, and have agreed not to comment on the personal and professional lives of each other.

According to the statement shared by the Nepali Film Producer’s Association, the agreement was done in the view of Saron’s accusation of harassment. But, it is silent on whether Saron was right or wrong on her accusation. The statement indicates that the producer Sunil Rawal has basically “silenced” the actress.

In the mean time other artists have also come forward to give the statements against the producer.

Prakriti Shrestha against Sunil Rawal

After Saron spoke, another actress, who debuted in Sunil Rawal’s movie ‘Hostel’ also spoke of the harassment she got from the producer. She had told that the producer had done so to not only the actresses but also the male actors in the set.

To explain why Prakriti kept silent at that time she says, “I was afraid my family would never allow me to work in films if the issue were brought to media at that time.”

Prakriti and her husband both have written separate statements agains the producer.

Hercules Basnet against Sunil Rawal

It was not only actresses, musician Hercules Basent has also told that he was harassed by the producer. After the problem with the producer, Hercules has told that he doesn’t shake hands with the producer when they come face-to-face in film programs. He has written, “I understand how Prakriti and Saron had gone through.”

Actresses who debuted in Sunil Rawal films

Sunil Rawal debuted as a producer in ‘Saayad’. In the first movie he introduced actors Samyam Puri, the son of propular director Narayan Puri. In the next movie he introduced Anmol KC, Salon Basnet, Gaurav Pahadi and Prakriti Shrestha.

Here are the actresses in Sunil Rawal Movie (click on the movie name to watch the full movie)

Saayad – Jharana Thapa, Anita Dahal, Ritika Lama, Karishma Manandhar (Guest)

Hostel – Prakriti Shrestha, Rista Basent

Hostel Returns – Swostima Khadka and Shashi Shrestha

Saayad 2 – Sharon Shrestha, Nisha Karki

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