Hotter than Sunny Leone, Anmol’s actress Aditi Budhathoki featured in ABP News, India

A popular Hindi news channel’s online edition, ABP News, has featured Nepali actress Aditi Budhathoki and has termed her “hotter than” Bollywood sensation Sunny Leone. Featuring some of the hottest photos of the actress’s photos the website has told that she has a lot of potential although Bollywood doesn’t have any shortage of boldness.

In one of the photos the Indian media writes, “Actresses like Sunny Leone set fire in Bollywood. But, today we are going to introduce yo to a heroine who can beat the Bollywood beauty easily,” and it adds, “Yes, we are talking about Nepali actress Aditi Budhathoki.”

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The news website that started as Star News in 2004, was rebranded ABP News in 2012. But, like all other Indian news website, the information it has given about Aditi is incomplete. It says that Aditi is featured in a number of Nepali movies. But in fact, Aditi’s debut movie ‘Kri’ featuring Anmol KC hasn’t released yet. The shooting of the movie is still going on and is expected to complete in a couple of weeks.

But, there is no doubt, Aditi is one of the hottest Nepali actress and she has a huge fan following in Instagram.

Hot Photos of Aditi Budhathoki And More Hot Photos

A screenshot of the website’s article:

The website talks about Aditi’s popularity in Instagram. It states that the Nepali actress is termed boldest than Sunny Leone.

Is Aditi hotter than Sunny Leone?

If I were to decide, I wouldn’t think so. That is because, Sunny and Aditi can’t be compared in any ways. Sunny has a background of being in Adult industry and she had an image that no other actress in the Eastern world can have because of the conservative nature of the society. Aditi can’t get that image and I believe she wouldn’t be comfortable being compared to Sunny Leone.

But, in terms of boldness, Aditi has tested the limits and has maintained the sanity while being bold enough. She has also acted maturely by not accepting the movies until she got an opportunity to work with  the hottest actor in the Nepali film industry, Anmol KC.

Now, it is your turn to say your views in the comment. Do you think Aditi Budhatoki is hotter than Sunny Leone?

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