Aditi Budhathoki, hot avatar of Kri actress

The actress of upcoming movie featuring Anmol KC in leading role, ‘Kri’ is a beautiful and hot actress. She knows how to tease her followers in Facebook and Instagram. The actress with decent looks and a hot body, Aditi Budhathoki is struggling in Mumbai. Although she has landed in a number of modelling assignments, she is yet to get a role in movies there.

I had also prepared a video report about the actress. In the video, I had listed 10 things about the actress:

10 things you don’t know about Aditi Budhathoki.

  1. Who is Aditi Budhathoki?
  2. Where does Aditi Budhathoki live?
  3. Where is Aditi’s home?
  4. What does Aditi Budhathoki like?
  5. Is Aditi Budhathoki Vegetarian ?
  6. Does Aditi Budhathoki like meat?
  7. What is Aditi Budhathoki’s favourite food?
  8. What does Aditi Budhathoki like?
  9. Will Aditi be Anmol KC girlfriend?
  10. And, about Aditi Budhathoki’s mother being a fashion designer.

Having a fashion designer mom is evident by the way she dresses up. She has a great dress sense and she knows how much skin to show. She does pose in bikini from time to time. She knows what sparks the interest on her fans.

Aditi’s movie ‘Kri’

After the announcement of the movie last year, the film team started a-year-long preparation for the movie. Anmol KC went on hiding and he prepared himself for the role.

The shooting of the movie started in April although the actress Aditi didn’t arrive for the shooting for months. She has been doing to-and-from from Mumbai for the shooting of the movie.

The movie marks the fifth movie of Anmol KC. Anmol was paid Rs. 20,00,000 (2 million) for the role. That is a very large number for an actor in Nepali movie industry. For that price, a low budget full movie can also be made.

All the previous movies of Anmol KC were hit movie. Anmol debuted in leading role in ‘Hostel’. Anmol was also featured with new actresses in all those movies.

Here are the list of movie Anmol has acted:

  • Hostel – Prakriti Shrestha
  • Jerryy – Anna Sharma
  • Dreams – Samragyee RL Shah
  • Gajalu – Shristi Shrestha
  • Kri – Aditi Budhithoki

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