Bikini clad Aditi Budhathoki or the climate – which one is hotter?

It seems, summer has taken its toll – the ‘Kri’ actress has shared her hot photos in bikini. The actress looks much beautiful and much bolder in photos than in film screen. Although her debut in the Nepali film industry couldn’t create any magic, her social presence is unavoidable. She know how to tease her fans by sharing scantly clad photos of herself. While her photos look sensuous, they don’t look vulgar or inappropriate.

These days, Aditi is living in Mumbai and struggling to get role in Bollywood. She is also doing various training there. She says, she is in no hurry to sign more movies.

These days, her bikini photos are making rounds in social network. These are the bikini clad photos of Aditi taken in a swimming pool somewhere in India.

Because of the hot days, half pants are Aditi’s favourite attire when she goes out. Some of the hot poses of Aditi in jeans half pants :

Aditi had shared theses photos in her Instagram account. More bikini photos of Aditi from the past:

Some Indian media had termed Aditi hotter than Sunny Leone. (Read the article)

About Aditi Budhathoki

Originally from Damak, Jhapa, Aditi lives in Sinamangal, Kathmandu. She is currently in Mumbai, India for training and professional works. The 25 years old beauty celebrates her birthday on June 28. She is doing her Bachelors in Information Technology in India and is working as a fashion model. Apart from Nepali movie ‘Kri’, Aditi was also featured in a number of Indian music videos. She is trying her luck in the Indian cinema.

Aditi’s mother, Puspa Budhathoki, is also a fashion designer.

She is a vegetarian and loves pizza. She regularly exercises to keep herself fit. But, the bikini clad photos show curves – not seen in those who exercise regularly. Aditi is 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

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