Is Prem Geet 2 photo leak controversy a promotion strategy?

A few photos of the climax of upcoming movie ‘Prem Geet2’ were leaked online. The photos show the lead actor Pradeep Khadka fighting the producer Santosh Sen. The producer, Sanotsh Sen has claimed that he was trying to keep the scene a secret until the last minute. But, a week before the scheduled release date of the movie, the photos were leaked.

Santosh Sen has claimed that the release of the photos has disrupted the promotion strategy of the movie. The first trailer – planned to be of love theme has to be changed now to include the fight scene. According to Santosh Sen, the photos were leaked by Chandra Bhujel. The producer is planning to call Bhujel in the office and inquire about the leak.

In the movie, producer Sen is featured in a negative role. Both Santosh Sen and Pradep Khadka seem to have worked out a lot to build the muscles and six-pack.

Although the producer Sen claims that the leak was unplanned- there is a possibility that the leak was fabricated. In Bollywood and Hollywood the film producers leak some part of the shooting and create controversy about it. The media coverage and the social media talk help in the promotion of the movie in a better manner. ‘Prem Geet 2’ team seem to have used the strategy in his movie.

The sequel of super hit film ‘Prem Geet 2’ is scheduled to release on Ashad 13. The Pradeep Khadka and Aslesha Thakuri starrer movie is directed by Ram Sharan Pathak. The director and the actress of the original movie – Sudarshan Thapa and Pooja Sharma have separated themselves from the sequel and produced their own version of the sequel. The name of the other movie is ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu.’ Both the sequels are scheduled to release in two weeks. The battle between the two sequels are some of the most awaited films .

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