Prem Geet 2, Trailer review, Will Prem live for Geet or die for Geet?

The movie ‘Prem Geet 2’ is one of the two sequels of superhit movie ‘Prem Geet’. The movie repeats the lead actor Pradeep Khadka and also features the producer, Santosh Sen, as one of the actors. The movie introduces new actress Aslesha Thakuri in the film industry.

A program was held in Kathmandu to release the trailer of the movie. In the program the producer Santosh Sen, actors Pradeep Khadka and Aslesha Thakuri and the director Ram Sharan Pathaka answered the questions asked by the journalists.

  • Name – Prem Geet 2
  • Starring – Pradeep Khadka, Aaslesha Thakuri, Kailash Katuwal, Kabita Regmi, Sishir Bhandari, Kumar Karki, Mukta Babu Acharya, Shraddha Prasai
  • Director – Ramsharan Pathak
  • Release Date – July 28, 2017
  • Banner – Aasusen Films Production
  • Producer – Santosh Sen
  • Screenplay – Ramsharan Pathak
  • Dialogue – Ramsharan Pathak
  • Story – Ramsharan Pathak
  • Editor – Banish Shah, Bhupendra Adhikari
  • Cinematographer – Purushottam Pradhan
  • Choreographer – Renasha Rai
  • Action – Asta Maharjan
  • Background Score – Alish Karki
  • Music – Kalyan Singh, Alish Karki, Rohit John Kshetri
  • Lyrics – Amrit Marhathha, Manisha Khadka, Rohit John Kshetri
  • Playback singers – Indira Joshi, Rohit John Kshetri, Shreya Shotang, Pratap Das, Sagar Sansar Rai
  • Sound Design – Mukesh Shah
  • VFX – Shree Krishna Shrestha

Watch the trailer of Prem Geet 2

The trailer of the movie Prem Geet 2 starts with a scene in Thailand. While Pradeep Khadka is shown practicing martial arts, background voice says, “Everybody falls in love.” He adds, “But you have to be lucky… When it comes to love, I don’t believe in luck.”

The trailer includes a scene of Game of fight and scenes of the song previously released – “Timi matrai chhaina …”. It seems, Geet (Aslesha) is a guest who came from Myanmar and Prem (Pradeep Khadka) has to show her places. While showing her places, Prem and Geet fall in love. In the trailer, there are other interesting scenes like bungee jumping and Rara lake.

In one of the scenesPrem asks, “How do you say I love you in your Myanmar language?”

Right after they fell in love, the situation change and it seems Prem and Geet go to Thailand. The villain – producer Santosh Sen debuts as an actor. There are violent fight scenes between Prem and the villain. The sad song and frustration follows. What happened to the lovers is not disclosed but, the the overall story of the movie is presented in the trailer.

At one point Prem says, “Now, Prem will either live for Geet or die for Geet.” To know wether Prem becomes successful in living for Prem you need to wait till its release on July 28.

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