Prem Geet 2 song release – hot avatar, beautiful scenery

On the Nepali new year, the title song of upcoming movie ‘Prem Geet 2’ was released. The song titled ‘Kahani Yo Premgeetko’ features the leading actors Pradeep Khadka and the new actres sAshlesha Thakuri. The song shot in various locations in Nepal, Burma and Thailand features beautiful scenery and nice choreography.

update: Video report

The song is written by Amrit Marattha, music by Kalyan Singh and the playback singers are Shreeya Sotang and Rohit John Chhetri. The cinematographer of the film is Purushottam Pradan, choreography by Renasha Bantawa Rai.

Although the lyrics and the music is average, the song has been quite popular in a short time because of the brand name of ‘Prem Geet’ and the beautiful sceneries. Actress Aslesha Thakuri is also featured in hot avatar in the song.

Watch the song:

Sequels of Prem Geet

After the success of ‘Prem Geet’ the producer Santosh Sen decided to produce the sequel of the movie titled ‘Prem Geet 2’. But the biggest problem was the relationship with the director Sudarshan Thapa. The partners of a few movies like ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’ and ‘Prem Geet’ Santosh Sen and Sudarshan Thapa had parted their ways right after ‘Prem Geet’ became successful. Although the reason of their misunderstanding is not known, it seems the gap in relationship is also evident between the actors too. The actor Pradeep Khadka is closer to the producer Santosh Sen and actress Pooja Sharma is closer to director Sudarshan Thapa.

When it was time to make the movie Santosh Sen decided to employ Ram Sharan Pathak as the director. While Pradeep Khadka will continue as an actor, Pooja Sharma teamed up with Sudarshan Thapa. As Santosh Sen went ahead with the production of the sequel, Sudarshan Thapa also decided to do his own version of the sequel. Sudarshan and Pooja don’t believe a sequel is possible without Pooja in it. But, Sanotsh Sen found another actress – Aslesha Thakuri to replace Pooja Sharma.

According to Sudarshan Thapa and Pooja Sharma, the character done by Pooja in the original movie was the real character of Pooja Sharma. Sudarshan had written the script in such a way that Pooja didn’t have to do any acting but, just be herself. Pooja and Sudarshan teamed up in writing the script of the sequel and they announced a new movie ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ after the superhit song of ‘Prem Geet’. That was how two sequels of the same movie were announced at the same time.

‘Prem Geet 2’ has the producer, lead actor and some other actors and crew members from the original movie ‘Prem Geet’. At the last minute the music director also left the Sanotsh Sen camp and joined Sudarshan Thapa camp. The movie is shot in Nepal, Thailand and Burma costing way more than the original movie. The movie is releasing on Shrawan 13.

‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ has the director, lead actress, musician and some other actors and crew members of the original movie. This sequel is shot entirely in Nepal costing less than ‘Prem Geet2’. The movie is releasing a couple of weeks before ‘Prem Geet 2’

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