Jenisha KC in affair with a Russian boyfriend

Actress Jenisha KC has admitted that she is having an affair with a Russian boyfriend for the last three years. The actress had met the guy in her sister’s home in London when she was in London. Jenisha’s boyfriend is expected to come to Nepal soon. Jenisha has promised to introduce her boyfriend to the media when he comes in Nepal.

Listen Jenisha telling about her boyfriend:

Jenisha was forced to reveal this information when the rumor of her affair with different people of ‘Aadhi Bato’ team. She was linked with the producer of ‘Adhi Bato’ Ramesh Twayna when she went to UK with him for the shooting of the movie. In response, Jenisha says that Ramesh is her father’s friend and nothing more.

In the past, Jenisha had got a lot of movies on the recommendation of Biraj Bhatt. She was also rumored to be having an affair with the actor currently busy in Bhojpuri movies. Jenisha reject such rumor and says that she has family relationship with Biraj.

It has been 7 years since Jenisha entered the Nepali film industry. Although she is in deep love, she has no plans to get married soon. These days, Jenisha is busy in promotion of her movie ‘Adhi Bato’. The movie is releasing on April 4 in theater.

The release of her upcoming movie and the revelation of the information about her boyfriend has come at the same time. We suspect, it might also be a promotional tactic. Time will surely tell the truth.

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