INAS Film Award 2015, winners (full list)

The third edition of INAS Film Award was held in Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi in Kathmandu. The award ceremony held on Sunday awarded director Tulsi Ghimire with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The award has has a cash prize of Rs. 100,000. The award ceremony was organized by the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRN) and the Film Development Board (FDB). In the program, NRN Upendra Mahato appreciated in the improvement in the quality of Nepali movies. Actor and musician Muralidhar expressed his happiness to be honored in a Nepali film award ceremony.

Watch the INAS Award winning movies here in xnepali:

inas film award ceremony nikhil and aryan
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Nepali Movie – Aadhi Bato

Nepali Movie – Aadhi Bato
Starring Yash Kumar, Jenisha KC, Sabin Shrestha, Anu Shah etc.
DirectorShabir Shrestha

The movie ‘Aadhi Bato’ was released a year ago on April of 2014. The music jukebox of the movie was posted earlier in xnepali. Some of the shooting of the movie was done in the UK. Jenisha KC’s UK visit for the shooting of the movie had caused some rumour between the actress and the producer of the movie, Ramesh Twayna. In response to the rumour, Jenisha refused any affair and had to tell that she has an unknown Russian boyfriend.
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Friday release, Aadhi Bato, Wrong Way and Divorce

This Friday, April 4 three new Nepali movies were released. Shabir Shrestha‘s ‘Aadhi Bato’, Deepak Shrestha‘s ‘Wrong Way’ and Manish Pantha’s ‘Divorce’ were released in theaters.

‘Adhi Bato’ features actors Yash Kumar, Jenisha KC, Sabin Shrestha and Anu Shah in main roles. The movie made on triangular love story is made popular by catching music. The controversy of actress Jneisha KC and her relationship with the producer Ramesh Twayna has also helped in the promotion of the movie.

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Jenisha KC in affair with a Russian boyfriend

Actress Jenisha KC has admitted that she is having an affair with a Russian boyfriend for the last three years. The actress had met the guy in her sister’s home in London when she was in London. Jenisha’s boyfriend is expected to come to Nepal soon. Jenisha has promised to introduce her boyfriend to the media when he comes in Nepal.

Listen Jenisha telling about her boyfriend:

Jenisha was forced to reveal this information when the rumor of her affair with different people of ‘Aadhi Bato’ team. She was linked with the producer of ‘Adhi Bato’ Ramesh Twayna when she went to UK with him for the shooting of the movie. In response, Jenisha says that Ramesh is her father’s friend and nothing more.
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Jenisha KC back from UK after the shooting of Adhi Bato

In the past, actress Jenisha KC got a lot of movie when actor Biraj Bhatt recommended her in the movies he did at the time. After he left the Nepali movie industry to make it big in Bhojpuri movies, the movies Jenisha got reduced in number. Although Jenisha doesn’t do as many movies, she has been travelling foreign countries to participate in various events.

Jenisha has recently returned back from the UK after the completion of the shooting of ‘Adhi Bato’ of NRN producer of Luxemburg, Ramesh Twayna.

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