Worst movies to be awarded at the Box Office Film Award 2070, award nominations

It’s not only for the best movies or the best actors the movie award will be presented, this year’s Box Office Film Award will also be awarded to the worst movie and worst actors.

jharana thapa and nitha dhungana show their nomination letters

In a program to unveil the top-5 nominations for the award, the chief of the organizer, Box Office Film Club, RK Subedi told that the award ceremony will be held on Chaitra 29 at Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu. The chief guest of the ceremony will be the prime minister Sushil Koirala.

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Jenisha KC in affair with a Russian boyfriend

Actress Jenisha KC has admitted that she is having an affair with a Russian boyfriend for the last three years. The actress had met the guy in her sister’s home in London when she was in London. Jenisha’s boyfriend is expected to come to Nepal soon. Jenisha has promised to introduce her boyfriend to the media when he comes in Nepal.

Listen Jenisha telling about her boyfriend:

Jenisha was forced to reveal this information when the rumor of her affair with different people of ‘Aadhi Bato’ team. She was linked with the producer of ‘Adhi Bato’ Ramesh Twayna when she went to UK with him for the shooting of the movie. In response, Jenisha says that Ramesh is her father’s friend and nothing more.
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