Jharana Bajracharya models in a music video before leaving for Malaysia

The actress Jharana Bajracharya was seen at a shooting location of a music video before she leaves to live in Malaysia with her newly-wed husband (Jharana married on March 12). The music video titled ‘Timro Maun Ishara …’ is features Bishwa Nepali and Sujata Upadhyaya Manandhar. Jharana is featured in the music video opposite to Puspa Khadka.

jharana bajracharya music video shooting

In a program in Kathamndu, Jharana had indicated that she might be retiring after the marriage and moving to Malaysia. In another latest interview, she has however kept the door open for movies with good script and story. Working in music video after two weeks of marriage is an indication that she has nothing against acting and that she has only prioritized other works on top of acting.

Jharana and her husband Rahul Agarwal had recently returned from her honeymoon trip to Jomsom and Mustang and is planning to go to Malaysia in a couple of weeks (honeymoon report in nepaliactress.com). In Malaysia she is continuing the meditation trainings and she is also planning to help her husband in his business.

The first music video of the married Jharana Bajracharya features music of Anand Rai and lyrics of Ananda Adhikari. The behind-the-scene crew include Bishal Bhandari in direction, Nishan Ghimire in editing and Hari Humagain in cinematography.

Photo credit – Bishal Bhandari (director of the music video)

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