Karishma Manandhar – ‘Red’ is much better than ‘Black’

Do you remember the photo of Karishma Manandhar in which she shows her panties – the black one on brown dress ?

Seems like, after seeing the photo published in web, she realized the bad combination – black panties on brown dress!

After the incident, she might have decided to try on a better combination.. How about a red panties on black skirts?

And, here you go! She has got a perfect display for you!


It is such a perfect display that some might even miss the red flower on her breast! Anyways, it is good to see the actress getting younger day-by-day.

I hope others will ‘follow the leader’.

25 thoughts on “Karishma Manandhar – ‘Red’ is much better than ‘Black’

  1. my best actress karishma and she is very beutiful
    she looks like a 20. she has many many fans
    really i like her.

  2. कारीश्मा जि ,तपाईं सह्रै राम्री बा । । । । । । । । । । ।छोरीकी आमा भयर पनि कस्तो मेन्टएन गर्न सकेको बा । । । ।कती सेक्सी देखेको म त मार्चहु कि । । । । । ।

  3. It’s called out of style…..actually the peoples still don’t know what is the combination or style….Wearing only the new dress a looking cute is not a mean but in fact how they are wearing a good dress code.

  4. you might have thought you are looking beautiful, dont dream. Actually you look like cheap w…………!!! hey have some sense of fashion.

  5. keho karisma ji USA baseko vandaima Nepalko yatro badnam?kina penti matra dekhanuhuncha nangai hide vaihalchani hoinara?karismaji katai chorilai ta sikauna khojnu bhayako hoina????

  6. budhi vayar pani aaji aanga pardashan garne? kasto aachamma yar i respect u pls,next time dont show your penti.ok.garne lai vanda herne lai laj vne jasto k gareko karisma?ki manago penti lagaya vaner ho?6oriko biha garne bela vaisakkyo socha hai karisma didi.j hos budhi va pani quit 6y best of luck.thanks.

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