Karishma Manandhar on mini-skirts and tattoo on breast (photos)

When Karishma Manandhar attended the first anniversary party of Nagariknews, she became the center of attraction. The actress in her 40s looked younger and more attractive in the green dress.

It was not only the face and the dress that was attractive about her that day. The tattoo of Nepal’s national flower ‘gurash’ (Red Rhododendron) on her breast was the center of attraction of everybody.

The tattoo looks more like a painting on her breast rather than a permanent tattoo. It looks like, after living in the US for some time, she has brought the western trends and fashion with her. Showing panties while wearing mini-skirt (photo below) seems another of the western fashion trend (Thanks god, she didn’t dare the Brittney Spears, or Paris Hilton, or an Indian-Samita Setty style!).

More photos from the event and Karishma in mini-skirts

UPDATE: Jul 14, 2010 @ 16:48

Karishma Manandhar shows tattoo … again

It seems, our previous statement on the tattoo on the left breast of Karishma Manandhar – “The tattoo looks more like a painting on her breast rather than a permanent tattoo,” is not true! (referred to the statement above).

She has displayed the cleavage (with the big tattoo) again in another function in Kathmandu. The national flower ‘gurash’ (Red Rhododendron) looks exactly the same when compared to the one she showed in the first anniversary party of Nagariknews. Posted below is the previous photo for comparison.

Karishma was the chief guest in a program held to release the audio cassette of the movie ‘Love Story 2066′ made under the banner of Wave Production.

Karishma along with director Dipak Rayamajhi and Naresh Poudel jointly unveiled the audio cassette of the movie in the program. A music video of one of the song was also shown in the program.

The movie is planned to be released next month.

Update: The movie is available online – watch ‘Love Story 2066’ here.

24 thoughts on “Karishma Manandhar on mini-skirts and tattoo on breast (photos)

  1. i think now krishma should take out all of her clothes instand of showing her panti,thai …………because if she will be nacked than nobody will looks upon her but if she will wear such clothes than people starts to think nagative that how she seens without clotheses……….

  2. Karishma lai nepali film jagat le euta versatile actor ko rup ma sadhai yaad garna layak chabi banisakyo unko. Karisma lai badhai cha.

  3. I think someone like Karishma should be very careful about she wears and how and where and also think about your age and image.

  4. Dear Karishma, I think you should not know about your age, family, image and integrity and do not look so cheap for others. It is against your own image and integrity. You are known as more matured and intelligent. I was your great fan but I am now thinking. You should be a good role model but not so cheap for funny men around.

  5. hahah k ho bhaneko tyashto ? man6e bhudo bhaye pani mann ra mannko chana chai bhudo hudo rahena6 bhanne kura karishmale prove garen.
    aba tyo bhudo jaan dekhda malai pane bhitrai dekhi khai k khaik bhayera aayo .
    ani karishma america ma ta daro dating ra testing hun6 jasto 6ni ta natra yo age.. ma pani yetiko sexy …..hot oh my god……. i cant explain more words………

  6. Gina,
    I am not a girl or a woman but even being an alpha male which I am, I know this much that when decent girls wear skirt they cross their legs while seated. I think Karishma did learn many things in US except the social/public manners.

  7. She is looking very pretty.If camara is focus on certain part of body ,anyone can see something and as long as she has no intention to do something like exposing her panty.Why on the earth talk about negative images and compare western images as negative thing.If you could afford to true to yourself ,that is not a sign of culture thing.
    The tattoo is just a flower .If you check the information tattoo was originated in eastern culture and later adopted in western society.
    Goodluck to Uji and you need to grow up.

  8. Hi karishma timi ta kati ramri dhekhiyaki,”ma ta marchhu ki kya ho”Ani yauta photo ma ta penty pani dekhaunu vako kin ki,,,,,,,,,,,abu ni ta…….

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