Khusbu and Proshesh- College Ambassador 2012

This year’s winners of College Ambassador 2012 are Proshesh Karki (in male contest) and Khusbu Pradhan (in female contest) who secure 80.5 points and 84 respectively to win the title in the event held at Rastriya Nachghar on 8th September.

In the event organized by Green Media Pvt. Ltd., other some title winners are

  • Most Talented- Ms. Oshika Neupane
  • Most popular award- Mr. Subha Acharya
  • Best Charming award- Prajon Joshi (in male) and Chhimi Tamang (in female)
  • Best Smile- Ms. Prashna Pathak
  • Best Performer- Mr. Bipin Gurung
  • Best Dress – Mr. Rupak Raj Kattel
  • Most Friendly- Mr. Yogesh Lohani and Ms. Sachit KC (corrected, based on one of the comments below)
  • Most Discipline-  Ms. Pratistha Shrestha

14 Male and 14 Female contestants were participated in the event and showed their different talent. The event is being organized regularly since 2007. (Photo credit- Facebook Page of College Amabassador and Hamra Kura)


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