'Sirish Ko Phool', a movie tribute to Parijat

One of the best creation of Parijat (Bishnu Kumari Waiba), ‘Sirish Ko Phool’ is made into a movie and was premiered in Jaya Nepal on September 2, 2012. It took almost four years to complete the movie directed by a Japanese director, Toshiki Itoh. Itoh had previously directed another Nepali movie ‘Kathputali’.


The book ‘Sirish ko Ful’ (The Blue Mimosa) is also adapted in the literature curriculum of some colleges in some English-speaking countries, including that Maryland University, USA. The book is a story of a run-away soldier during the World War II, Suyogbir.

movie features actors like Ganesh Lama, Sharmila Gurung and Saujanya Subba in main roles. The movie also features Basundhara Bhusal, Gopal Bhutani, Santosh Lama, Shyam Rai, Indira Gole, Ganesh Munal and Laxmi Bhusal.

One thought on “'Sirish Ko Phool', a movie tribute to Parijat

  1. uko uchai luga lagai sabai hera ,naramri vanna namilene khal ke thien so yo sunalo sabta ko suru maya lae mro mutu xoya love this novel sirish ko phool

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