Kumar Kancha couldn’t be saved – can’t artists be insured?

Nepali singer, Kumar Kancha, has lost his battle against spinal-cord tumor on January 17, 2011. Monday morning’s heart attack took his life in the hospital. He was being treated in SL Raheja Hospitalm, Mahim West in Mumbai, India for the last seven months.

Kumar Kancha, although being a famous singer with songs in more than 100 Nepali movies, more than 1000 songs in 25 different Indian languages in his credits, was in desperate needs of funds during his treatment. Worldwide fund raise events were organized all over the world. Famous Nepali actress Namrata Shrestha organized a concert for the fundraise, raising record breaking amount of about Rs. 300,000. All the attempts were praiseworthy but, it is very sad that, these attempts couldn’t save the veteran singer.

The two recent deaths – Gopal Bhutani and Kumar Kancha show a very sad truth – poor financial conditions of Nepali artists. Artists who devote their lives in supporting the industry doesn’t get paid well. And, when they are in desperate need of money for their last days, they have to beg for help. The producers and distributers make all the money and keep it to themselves.

Can’t artists be insured for health and benefits? I hope, the concerned people will think on that direction in the coming days.

xNepali team offers condolence to Kancha’s family and well wishers and wish his soul rest in peace.

Attached below are some of the most popular songs of Kumar Kancha:

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