4 things to do after Kumar Kancha tragedy

kumar-kanchha Extensive effort to save Kumar Kancha proved to be unsuccessful and he died at the age of 54 on January 17, 2011. The sad truth, he lost all of his monetary earnings during the treatment and had to beg for help in his last days, from his death bed.

A lot of people had done their very best to help in collecting fund to help in his treatment.

Special mention : Donation collection drive one of my friends in the UK, Lex Limbu, came to an abrupt end when Kancha died. He sent a total of £800 GBP (NRs. 91,600) collected till date via Jharana Bajracharya to the fmaily of Kumar Kancha. It is really encouraging to see young people like Lex dedicating their time in helping artists in Nepal. Thank you Lex!

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Kumar Kancha passes away

Nepali singer, Kumar Kancha, has lost the battle against spinal-cord tumor on January 17, 2011. Monday morning’s heart attack took his life in the hospital. He was being treated in SL Raheja Hospitalm, Mahim West in Mumbai, India for the last seven months.

Born in Calcutta on in Decmber 13, 1957, Kancha has sung in over 100 Nepali movies and has acted in a couple of Nepali movies. Apart from Nepali, Kancha has sung in over 25 languages in India. Kancha is survived by his wife and two sons.

xNepali team offers condolence to Kancha’s family and well wishers and wish his soul rest in peace.

Attached below are some of the most popular songs of Kumar Kancha:

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Namrata to organize a concert to help Kumar Kancha

In a latest news, Namrata Shrestha is told to be organizing a huge concert on December 18, 2010 to raise fund for the treatment of bed-ridden singer Kumar Kancha. Well known singer, Kancha, had recently went through spinal cord surgery and

Namrata has recently finished shooting of one of her movies “Miss U…” and another movie, “Purle Days”, is yet to commence. She has made a wise use of her free time by hosting the concert featuring the popular singers in Nepal. Currently, Namrata is searching for the sponsors of the event.
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