Lack of Educated Artists in Nepali Film Industry

Note: This article was written in 2009. There are new entries in Nepali movie industry with better talent and education, not covered by this article.

rajesh hamalThe history of Nepali movies is not that long but it has grown a lot in recent days. Movie industry is one of the most creative industry and it demands the most creative crews to work for it. But to our disappointment, only a few Nepali involved in the industry have a university degree. A sad truth is that 60% of the Nepali film artists haven’t passed 10th grade.
It is seen that educated artists have succeeded in their fields as compared to uneducated artists. When we talk about education Rajesh Hamal, with a MA degree in English literature, comes the first due to his education and acting skills. There are many who don’t like him but it is undisputed that he is a super-hit actor of Nepali film industry.

Some new actresses like Sanchita Luitel, Malvika Subba have master’s degree. Mithila Sharma, Arunima Lamsal, Sarita Lamichanne also managed to get a bachelor’s degree.

Malvika Subba sanchita_luitel

There are some educated film directors and writers who are doing good works in Nepali movie industry. Some directors with a masters degree are Deepak Rayamajhi, Daya Ram Dahal, Naresh Poudel, Desh Bhakta Khanal, Dinesh DC, and BS Thapa. Writers and technicians like Javed Shah, Dr Bhola Rijal  also have masters degree. Baikuntha Maskey(Bachelor,Photography), Tapa Nath Sukla (Sound Engineer), Pradeep Kumar Upadhaya(Sound Engineer) are other educated pioneer in the Nepali film industry.

Is that all?

I think so. If you know of somebody who has university degree in Nepali film industry please write in comment. I will edit the post accordingly.

The question remains. Why don’t educated people opt for the entertainment industry? Is the age old belief, acting in movies in not a decent job, a culprit?

Comments are welcome.

List of Film personalities with Name (and, Education)


Dr Bhola Rijal  (MD)
Dinesh Dc (Bsc, MBA, BA)
Daya Ram Dahal (MA)
Deepak Shrestha (Bachelor)
Deepak Rayamajhi – MA(Film Direction)
Naresh Poudel – MA (2 faculties)
Desh Bhakta Khanal – MA (Politics)
BS Thapa – BLLB,MA(Politics)
Yabaraj Lama – I.A
Navin Subba – I.A
Ujwal Ghimire – Bachelor
Keshav Bhattrai – B.Com

Writers and Technicians

Nayan Raj Pandey – BL
Javed Shah – MA(Cinematography)
Basanta Shrestha  – Bachelor(Dance)
Pakash Shrestha –,Diploma(Music)

Actors  /Actress   

Rajesh Hamal  – MA (English)
Bijay Lama – Pilot
Nikhil Uprety – I.A
Mithili Sharma  – Bachelor (Home science and Dance)
Puja Chand – Isc
Richa Ghimire – Bachelor (Journalism)
Arunima Lamsal – Bachelor
Sanchita Luitel – MA (Currently)
Sarita Lamichanne – Bachelor

20 thoughts on “Lack of Educated Artists in Nepali Film Industry

  1. Hi its me hanlucy magar i want to tell every film industry people that both education and act are important if any people have their courage to show their act then plz help them in their acting cariear and also i saw a lot of nepalese youngster boys/girls are totally fasinated with foreign culture they spend their money in buying a lot of expensive clothes and showing their friends thats not good….why dont you guys start to follow your own culture and help in creating new movies??

  2. hi guys !listen up to doesnt matter educational degrees to be the greatest actor..Msc garera k faida vo ra?mbbs garera film industry ma super hit hunxa ra?according to ur concept dr.Bhagawn koirala ,the greatest actor hunu parne ta..agriculture sciencema phd garera k super hit actor hunxa ra? k rekha thapa ra Aryan sigdelle degree gareka xan ra? Tarai pani uha haru super hit xan..aru degree haasil garne haru paxaadi xan..the difference is that actors like Aryan,Rekha,Jiwan,Namrata,Prakriti,etc conceterate on their other didnt devoto in this they r not ahead..(Aafno kaam ma laagi parnu parxa plz understand the degree of concenteretion).one thing,Aryan left his education to learn acting although he ws a good student..although he lacks degree,it is bull shit to say he is not talent..he is talent in his field).He is the rising superstar..tapai haruko bichaar mata schooolko 1st boy ,greatest actor hunuparxa hai..

  3. i really want to say to the nepali film makers & actor/actress. film industries vaneko euta yasto field ho jasle tyo des ko culter dekhi liyera sabai kura jhalkauna madhat gar6. so please be more specefic and try to make a film like a “Numa Fung” by nabin subba & “Sima Rekha”. those movies hepls to show our culter & history to the people and that’s what they need. not always like a Mukhiya Baa & her daughetr and one of the young person of the village falls in love with Mukhiya Baa’s daughter etc/etc. nepali film indusrtie sadhai yahi katha bastu matra simit vayeko dekhe maile. they should be more creative jasbata herne darsak harule khi sikna sakos. nepali custumdesigner ani make up man ko jhan kurai nagarau ani arko KAMJOR pakchya vaneko nepali film indusrties ma SAMBAD dilog pani ho. hope in future E sabai kura harulai NFI le sametera lana sakos. all the best………..

  4. Everyone Hi this is Niraj Frm dhading. I have something for our nepali film industries.
    What will happen or what advantage is there if an actress wear 3 inch cattu and danced in a R15. Is any one benifitted?or the heroine will get a new boyfreind. If instead they wear nepali custume like gunyo cholo, then there is advantage. Our culture will be publicised. But if the heroins wear the western clothes, then it just leads to be seXUALly effected, what is the advantage if we are sexually effected, does it brings development in the country. SO I WANT TO SAY OUR ACTREES ‘WALK WITH TIME’

  5. hi ma deepak .mero sbilai namaskar in nepali film industries.actually ni sanchita luitel didilai hai kina ki uhako habbit matra nabhayara mali uhako acting ani physics and also she is educated.plz can u help me ?how can i know more about sanchita luitel.ani mero sano questions for nepali film industries lai .k hami hajurharu jasto kalakarita chhetrama lagna sakdainau ?tyasko lagi hamile k garnu parla? if u send me answer of this question im very happy with u all .byeeeeeeeee

  6. nepali hiroin haru ma sabaivanda ramri sachita kojasto bani sabae hiroen le garne ho vane nepali film mathi uthana derai time lagdaina , kinaki sanchitama avinay garne sakti 6

  7. A very contextual issue raised. Many thanks for the initiator. Whatever written in the article iscent percent correct.
    Except Rajesh Hamal and few more folks non are educated amongst the Nepalese film industry crews!!
    This indeed alleivates the quality and outcome in the movie. The reflection we can often observe in Nepali cinema. To fill this lacuna, we need to welcome the educated genre in the movie.
    I am glad that now some of the course curriculum in movie making has been started in Nepal. I am hopeful of that!!

  8. the most impotant thing is art and act in film n then the education comes,these 2 r alternatives,so better to learn about this lesson.give up animated scenes as spiderman,donot cut the cackle come to the point.

  9. yes i agreed that those artist who are educated done well in this field, but in Nepal ministers n govt officials are uneducated bellow slc, they are barking like stray dogs eveywhere in this country so called politicians ****ing domb head, what can we do? is there any means to clear up this kind of rubish politicians?

  10. hi,

    All Nepali flim industory people first upall happy Dashey to all,
    I have one question about nepali flim Why in all nepali flim just show the LOVE effection why not other and hero use to wear as like winter cloth but heroin wear only 5 inch cloth.

    Can you give me some idea why this thing happend.i m far awayfrom nepal I mean i m from USA i have show our flim to my class made they also ask this Question

  11. hello every body nepali people and good man mr. rajesh neeruta karisma jill shah i miss every body pls i miss you very much all of you

  12. नेपाली फिल्म इन्डस्ट्री माथी पुग्न नसक्नु को कारण औठा छाप कालाकार त हुन नै । यसको आलवा एस्ता कालाकर लाई थोरै पैसा दिदा खेलिदिन्छन भनेर रोल दिने डाइरेक्टर्, प्रोडुसर पनि दोसी नै हुन । सबै लाई थाहा भएकै कुरा हो कि नेपाली फिल्म इन्डस्ट्री मा १०% कलाकार पनि छैनन कि जस्ले एस एल सि पास गरेका हुन । एस्ता कलाकार लाई मौका दिने दिपक रायमाजि, दायाराम दाहाल्, डा भोला रिजाल आदी पनि दोसी नै पो हुन कि ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    सनम तिमील्सिना

  13. I am very surprise to know that most of the film actor are illetrate.But also they act well i am proud .But sometime i fill that some of the actor act over so i want to suggest please dont do that great mistake for the public….thank u..
    The story are great but something are missing.

  14. Well, I am not that surprised that there are no actors with advanced degrees…It;s simple idea of opportunity cost…If you have a Masters in Business (high income potential) why would you choose the Nepali movie industry (very low and iffy income possibility) as your career? On the other hand, you might see people with advanced degrees in areas that do not pay that high in Nepal in the movie industry. I would like to see people with advanced degrees in Arts, Theater, etc. to show up in this field. ;)

  15. यहाँ उठाइएको कुरालाई म एकसहि मान्छु । पढेलेखेका धेरै नै कम छन्, पढेका भन्दा ! यो कुरा त नागरिक दैनिक मा आउने राइट च्वाइस सेक्सन ले नि प्रस्ट पारेको छ । त्यहाँ, हाम्रा राइट च्वाइसहरुलाई उनीहरु को राइट च्वाइस सोधिएको हुन्छ । कम्प्युटर मा भनिदिन्छन्, एलजी, सामसुङ…

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