Flashback 2010 – Nepali movies, behind the scene

Articles in the Flashback 2010 series.

Nepali Film Directors

Simosh Sunuwar’s First Love was one of the most successful  in 2010. Although, the work of Alok Nembang on the movie Kohi Mero was appreciated by film critics and audience, the movie couldn’t do a good business. New director, Narayan Raymajhi and Sabir Shrestha were also appreciated by film critics and media for their works in Gorkha Paltan and Kasle Choryo Mero Mann respectively. Suraj Subba Nalbo’s work in the movie Bato Muni Ko Phul was also appreciated by the viewers and media.  Simosh-sunwar

Music Directors

This year, music director Mahesh Khadka’s music won the hearts of Nepali audience. Although he scored music in a lot of movies, Hifajat and Nai Na Bhannu La were the most successful. One of the factors in the success of Nai Na Bhannu La was its music. CRBT downloads of this movie’s song was in the front among all the released songs of this year.

Two songs of Chetan Sapkota from Takkar Dui Mutuko and Kaslai Diyun Yo Jowaan were successful in winning the viewers heart. Takkar Dui Mutuko‘s "Timi Bina Ko Jowaan" and Kaslai Diyun Yo Jowaan‘s "Maya Ma" were liked by the audiences.

Satya Raj Acharya and Swaroop Acharya had also entered the Nepali film industry as music director through the movie First Love. Although, the songs were melodious and with new taste, they couldn’t do the magic they were expected to create.

Globalization of Nepali movies

Richa-Ghimire This year, in a bid to globalization of Nepali movies, some movies were premiered in foreign countries and some movies were shot out of Nepal. 

Actress Richa Ghimire and her husband director Shankar Ghimire were featured in media due to their appreciable work in the movie Birta Ko Chino. They  went to UK for about a month to screen movie there. Nai Na Bhannu La movie was also screened on Australia this year. Akash Adhikari’s movie Kathmandu was also premiered in the USA. Various movies were also screened in Gulf country Qatar this year. Director Suresh Darpan Pokharel went to Malaysia to shoot his new movie Miss U. Some movies were shot in various parts of India.

Goodbye Gopal Bhutani 

A great loss for the Nepali movie industry, the fight director Gopal Bhutani, died as a foreigner in Nepal. Apart from the death, failure of Nepal Government to appreciate the actor director’s contribution to the Nepali movie industry was another reason to be concerned about. A Nepali by birth, Bhutani, was never given a Nepali citizenship certificate.


This year, most of the movies were "masala" movies, desperate to cash the investment. Stealing and copy-pasting of movie concepts, stories, and even the posters from other films were in the increasing trend and are considered the saddest part in the industry. Names of a number of movies were copied from Hindi movies. Big Cinema’s refusal to screen Nepali movie was criticized by almost everybody but nobody talked about QFX Central’s refusal to screen Nepali movies. To address this issue, we did a "Who loves Nepali movies?" series of articles in the blog.

Some of the producers tried to use new concept in film promotion. Almost every movies organized special movie premiere, music launching program with cocktail party, and press conference before the release of the movie. Some of the producers have also started investing more liberally. But, lack of skilled and educated manpower in the Nepali film industry was more prominent. A few educated person also couldn’t show their skill while surrounded by an uneducated bunch.

The movie industry is progressing and the people involved in it are doing their best for its progress. We hope, we will be able to watch more quality movies in the coming year.

Happy New Year 2010!

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