Lost movies because of being married – Neeta Pokharel

Actress Neeta Pokharel has acted in three movies – ‘Flash Back‘, ‘Shoot’ and ‘Shisha’. She started acting some five years ago. But, she hasn’t been able to get more movies these days.

Talking to an online magazine, Neeta told that she was kicked out of agreement when the producers/directors know that she was married. She also told about the producers and directors trying to take advantage of her.

Neeta had a desire to become a successful actress since her childhood. She also took a 3-months-long acting course from actor Anup Baral. She has done modeling in some music videos including the videos of singers Uday Sotang, Kamal Chhetri and Gita Chaulagai. She has also done some advertisement.

Neeta hails from Sindhuli. After the completion of CMA education, she worked in Sindhuli District Hospital for two years. She left the job to pursue acting career in Kathmandu.

Neeta says, "I don’t think the viewers care about whether the actress is married or not. But, the producers and directors seek more than acting in actresses."

Neeta admitted of being thrown out of more than ten movies for being married and being unwilling to the undue demands of the film makers.

If the statement of Neeta is true, something should be done by the concerned bodies about the exploitation of actresses in the film industry.

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