Nepali actresses nominated for Music videos model award

In a music video award ‘Rastriya Rapti Music Award 2070’ to be held soon, all the nominated music video models are actresses. The nominated actresses include: Keki Adhikari, Binita Baral, Nandita KC, Jharana Thapa, and Shilpa Pokharel. Four out of the five nominated models are established film actress. The only model, Shilpa is also going to be featured in Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s upcoming movie ‘Lazza’.

This is the third edition of Rapti Music Award in which the word Rastriya is added in the front to award the music artists from all over Nepal. In the past two awards, only the artists of Rapti district where awarded.

There are 25 different categories of the award for the music creations released last year. The judges of the award are singer, actress and journalist Komal Oli, musician Buddha Sayami, and film journalist Shanti Priya.

In male models however Mukesh Acharya, Gajit Bista, Aamir Gautam, Yash Raj, and Sanam Kathayat are nominated.

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