Maghe Shakranti different moods and modes of celebrations

Maghe Shakranti is celebrated in various ways in different parts of Nepal. By default, it is about eating various delicacies and enjoying the day in the best way possible. Here are some of the highlights of this year’s celebrations.

The following dance party organized to mark Maghe Shakranti is in full swing (photo credits Dilli Limbu):


In the following photo a huge crowd in Taruka, Nuwakot is waiting to witness a bull fight (Photo credits – Janak Raj Bhatta).

Although bull fight, popular in France is reticulated for brutality and inhuman killing of bulls, the Nepali version of bullfight doesn’t involve any blood-shed and is fun for people. People from all over Nepal (specially from Kathmandu) come to enjoy the event.

Read more on the one and the only bull fight h
eld in Nepal in Janak’s blog.

And of course, the delicious food (Photo credits – Dhruva Thapa). Yes, we did post some photos of food on Jan 14 too.

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