Malvika Subba, Biography of Miss Nepal 2002

Malvika Subba is a multi-talented personality. She has a multifaceted identity – here are some:

  • Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba
  • Video jockey Malvika Subba
  • Actress Malvika Subba (Acted in two movies, but neither were released)
  • Motivational speaker and trainer
  • Model Malvika Subba
  • Emcee Malvika Subba (one of the most liked)
  • Businessperson, sales and marketing personality
  • Film and TV Program Producer Malvika Subba
  • Chief Editor of a monthly magazines – Wave and Navyata
  • Youth leader, social worker Malvika Subba

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Malvika Subba Biography

Born on July 19, 1981, Malvika Subba was the third child of her parents. After two boys, her mother gave birth to Malvika in her 40s on the pressure of her father for a daughter. Malvika’s father a Subba was a police officer and her mother Sashikala was a Brahmin. In their time, intercaste marriage was a tabbo. That was the reason, Sashikala’s parents cut-off their ties with the daughter after she married Malvika’s father.

5 feet and 6 inches tall Malvika was born at Bansbari, Kathmandu. She married Riyaj Shrestha on 25 April, 2012. They gave birth to their first child, a boy, in 2016. Her son is named Jayir Shrestha the name that when spelled backward, become’s his father’s name.

Some of the works Malvika had done in the past include:

  • Sales and Marketing Manager – Shangrila Housing
  • Assistant Producer – Voice of India
  • Producer/Anchor – Kantipur Television
  • Editor – Navyata Magazine
  • Editor – Wave Magazine
  • Co-Founder – House of Alternative Apparel
  • Goodwill Ambassador – Childreach Nepal
  • Board Member – Himalaya Climate Initiative
  • Executive Producer – How Funny (2016 movie)

Personal life of Malvika

Malvika was the third child of her parents. Malvika has two elder brothers. After two sons, her father wanted a girl child but, her mother wasn’t willing to give birth to the third child. The father blackmailed the mother by telling that if she won’t give birth to a daughter, he would marry somebody else. That was how Malvika was born as the third child – to 40-years-old mother.

Malvika was very close to her father and wasn’t much close to her mother in her childhood days. But, she lost her father in her childhood. After that, Malvika found that in spite of being strict, she was a very good friend.

As a child, Malvika was a very smart kid. Although the elder brothers had gone to the government school, Malvika got education in private school. She used to be in the top three position in her class. She was also active as a sports person. Being a tom boy like person, tall and smart, most of the boys keep themselves at a distance. She was also a tough person, ready to fight against anybody – boys or girls.

Malvika’s parent’s love story

Malvika Subba’s mother, Shashikala, was training to be a nurse in a scholarship in India. She met the father, who was in some sort of training from the police force.  They fell for each other in India. They got married in Kathmandu. Malvika’s mother is from Brahmin family and her father is Mongol family – Subba. As the mother’s family wouldn’t accept the marriage, Shashikala had to cut-off the ties with the parental family.

Malvika Subba’s love story

Malvika Subba had various affairs during her life time. But, she wasn’t willing to commit herself to a steady relationship. That was until she met Riyaj Shrestha. Malvika met Riyaj when she was in the USA to participate in ANA Fashion show in 2009. At that time, Riyaj was living in the USA for half a decade.

Riyaj and Malvika met when Riyaj came to Kathmandu in 2011. Before meeting each other, both of them thought that it was not worth marrying and had decided to live alone for the rest of their lives. But, when they met and fell for each others.

At the time of their meeting, Riyaj had been a Salsa dance instructor for eight years. Malvika started learning Salsa with Riyaj and fell in love.

They get married after a year and a half long affair on April 25, 2012. Malvika gave birth to their first child, Jayir Shrestha. The story behind the name is also interesting. Watch the video to know more:

Actress Malvika Subba

As an actress Malvika had acted in a couple of movies and a drama. Malvika acted in a drama titled ‘Hamri Shiwani’. A 2008 Indo-Nepal joint venture movie ‘God Lives in the Himalayas’ was produced by Nepali actor Sunil Thapa. She was featured in leading role but, the movie wasn’t released.

Similarly, another movie made in 2010 by Navin Subba ‘Good Bye Kathmadu’ wasn’t also released.

In addition to movies, Malvika is also featured in some music videos. One of the most popular songs featuring Malvika is Nima Rumba’s song ‘Auna Sangai Nachau’.

Malvika is also featured in a number of advertisement videos.

Model Malvika Subba

After winning the Miss Nepal crown in 2002, Malvika started doing photo shots for online magazines, entertainment portals and blogs. She was also featured in interviews and news articles. Because of wide popularity, Malvika’s demand in fashion industry was also huge. She was featured in magazine covers, print advertisement and TVCs.

In addition to advertisement modeling, she also walked on ramp. A  perfect body structure, tall figure and intelligence were some of the traits that made her desirable in every field of entertainment industry.

As a new anchor, Malvika did her first video jockey (VJ) appearance in Kantipur TV’s show “Call Kantipur”. Malvika and her co-host Suraj Singh Thakuri were very popular in their time.

While working in modelling and other assignments, Malvika completed the Masters Degree by her own money. She also bought a scooter by her own money.

Social work and activities

In addition to working in entertainment field, Malvika actively participates in social works and social initiatives. Being a good hearted person, she occasionally help organize fund raising programs for the disadvantaged.

In 2008 Malvika Subba went to India to work in Indian media. She also worked as the Ambassador for Human Trafficking in MTV EXIT. She was the executive producer of Voice of India. Among others Malvika had also been a youth leader for HIV AIDS Nepal and youth spokesperson for ActionAid Hunger Free Campaign.

Entrepreneur Malvika

Malvika launched a fashion house in August of 2011, called House of Alternative Apparel. The fashion house located in Lazimpat is set in collaboration with a friend of Malvika. The store is a retail location that sells branded clothing.

When working in the Indian media wasn’t successful, Malvika returned back to Nepal and started working as the Sales and Marketing Manager at Shangrila Housing. During a couple of years of her work in the housing market, she wasn’t active in the entertainment industry.

To sum up – Malvika is a strong person, intelligent and thoughtful person. She has been successful in most of the things she has done. I believe, there are a lot of things to come from Malvika.

Hot Photos of Malvika Subba

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