Rekha Thapa slips down to 7th position – Top 10 actresses chosen by 10 directors

The Number 1 actress is no longer the top actress in the Nepali film industry – according to a survey among 10 well known Nepali directors. In fact, Shilpa has gone a rank higher than Rekha Thapa. It seems, she is on her path to be the top actress.

Watch the top 10 actresses:

Personally, I think other actresses deserve the top position rather than actress Keki Adhikari. It could be either Namrata Shrestha or Priyanka Karki. Namrata has won all the film awards this year. She has a very good track record of successful movies. Priyanka Karki is also a good actress and one of the busiest actress in the film industry.

Keki is a good actress but, she hasn’t been careful in her choice of movies. Although she has done a very good job, none of her movies have been that successful.

Judge Directors

This list of top 10 actresses was chosen from the views of the following directors by ‘Today’, a weekly of Annapurna Post:

1. Ujjwal Ghimire
2. Rishi Lamichhane
3. Dinesh DC
4. Dipa Basnet
5. Dipendra K Khanal
6. Narayan Puri
7. Nischal Basnet
8. Samjhana Upreti Rauniar
9. Subarna Thapa
10. Hemraj BC

The directors had ranked the actresses in the following categories:

  • Beauty
  • Intelligence
  • Acting
  • Price rate
  • Behaviour

In beauty, intelligence, and acting – Keki Adhikari is ranked the top. In all three, Namrata Shrestha is ranked the second and Priyanka Kakri is ranked the third.

In behaviour Priyanka Karki topped the list with Keki Adhikari following her. Samragyee RL Shah is the third in the list.

In price rate, Namrata Shrestha topped the list with Priyanka Karki following her. Rekha Thapa is the third in the list.

Top 10 Actresses

  1. Keki Adhikari
  2. Namrata Shrestha
  3. Priyanka Karki
  4. Samragyee RL Shah
  5. Reecha Sharma
  6. Shilpa Pokharel
  7. Rekha Thapa
  8. Neeta Dhungana
  9. Deeya Maskey
  10. Menuka Pradhan

Has Rekha Thapa lost the Number 1 position?

Rekha Thapa is still a beautiful actress with acting talent. After joining RPP, Rekha is busy in politics than acting. But, her number one position had been encroach by the new entries in the movie industry. In the list above, Rekha Thapa is probably the oldest actress.

One ranking doesn’t determine the actual rank of the artist. But, Rekha has been loosing grounds for some time. In Kantipur ‘Saptahik’ yearly poll on the most attractive women of the year, Rekha couldn’t make it to the top 10 list last year. She couldn’t make it to the list this year either.

Rekha Thapa’s movies haven’t been doing good in theatre either. None of Rekha Thapa’s movies out of her home production have been successful in the past few years. Her home production movies used to be successful in the past but, according to media reports, her last movie ‘Rampyari’ wasn’t much successful.

The age and the competition in the film industry had made Rekha uneasy for the last few years. The tried almost everything she could do to diversify her career. She tried film direction, she tried social work, she tried playback singing and she tried politics. None of them worked for her. Now, she is giving politics a second chance by joining the ex-panchayat party – Rastriya Prajatantra Party. She has also been successful in winning the central committee member position in the party.

By the way she is busy in politics, it seems, film making and acting will not be her priority for some time. That means, the playground is open to the new entries.

Rekha Thapa in politics:

In Facebook followers count however, Rekha still tops the list:

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