Maoists want ban on Hindi and English movies in Nepal

no_hindi_moviesIn a letter handed over to the Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, CPN Maoist has asked the government to ban the import of Hindi and English movies and magazines in Nepal. The letter was handed over by the senior leader CP Gajurel.

The letter includes 77 demands in which the 11th point mentions about foreign movies and magazines. The letter says that the foreign movies and magazine have affected the Nepali society and should be controlled. Although the prime minister has promised to implement some of the demands as soon as possible, he didn’t specify particular points of his interest.

4 thoughts on “Maoists want ban on Hindi and English movies in Nepal

  1. **** you government.Piece of shits.Do you that we’re stupid enough to let Nepal just be Like North Korea? We are Already Awaken from the lies governments speak.**** Do this, and there will be Civil War. ********* only thinking about themselves.We will stop this New Word Order.Mark my words,**** .

  2. well that way even nepali movies can’t survive since they can’t copy foreign movies anymore……..and does that mean nepali movies aren’t affecting nepalese society??cause i see the other way round..they are actually giving creativity a bad name so ban them instead.dnt do this injustice to us for godsake and focus more on helping ur poor jantas out there and dnt act like as if u care bout the society.if so please prove it by doing some actual social works.

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