Rekha Thapa says she is not a Maoist, anymore

In an interview with the ‘Shukrabar’ weekly, actress Rekha Thapa has stated that she is not a CPN (Maoist) member. The statement has come after the party failed to get anticipated seats in the CA election.

Nepali actress rekha thapa speaks in welcome program of CPN Maoist

Rekha had joined the party in a highly publicized event before election. Maoist had also offered the actress a ticket in the election. But, she had to relinquish the ticket because of her failure to register herself as a voter. Rekha had also participated in some election rallies of the party.

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Both Bhuwan KC and Rekha Thapa removed from the election candidates list

After protests from the party workers, Bhuwan KC was removed from the CPN UML election candidate list. Although he was stated to represent party in Kathmandu constituency 1 in the initial list, he was removed after protest. In the final list, Bidhya Neupane will represent the party in the constituency.

In the similar manner, actress Rekha Thapa was also removed from the final candidate list of the CPN Maoist. When Rekha’s attempt to get ticket in Kathmandu failed, she was successful in getting the recommendation from Parsa district. But, in the final list she was replaced by Baliram Shah in Parsa 1 constituency.

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Rekha Thapa to represent CPN Maoist in the election from Parsa

Rekha Thapa’s attempt to get a ticket from Kathmandu wasn’t successful. But, the CPN Maoist Parsa committee has nominated Rekha for the election in Parsa-1 electoral district. In the meeting of Bhojpura Rajya Samiti, held on Thursday, Basaruddhin Ansari was nominated in Parsa-2 election.

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QFX cinemas closed – because of ban in Hindi movies

According to a media report, one of the multiplex operators QFX has decided to close its theaters because of the ban in screening Hindi movies starting from Monday. The distribution manager of QFX, Basanta Manandhar, told that they don’t have "any quality Nepali movie" to screen in their theaters. QFX’s all three theaters – QFX Jainepal, QFX Kumari and QFX Central in Civil Mall, Sundhara are closed for now. The report also says that another multiplex, BigCinemas, has also limited to operating only one of its theaters from Monday.

These decisions are told to be made in response to the CPN-Maoist (Baidhya faction) decision to ban the screening of Hindi movies in Nepal.

Do you think banning movies (or, banning anything for that matter) help in the development of a country?

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Maoists want ban on Hindi and English movies in Nepal

In a letter handed over to the Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, CPN Maoist has asked the government to ban the import of Hindi and English movies and magazines in Nepal. The letter was handed over by the senior leader CP Gajurel.

The letter includes 77 demands in which the 11th point mentions about foreign movies and magazines. The letter says that the foreign movies and magazine have affected the Nepali society and should be controlled. Although the prime minister has promised to implement some of the demands as soon as possible, he didn’t specify particular points of his interest.

Politics on the peak, CPN Maoist team preparing the Mt. Everest ascent

A team comprising of 11 mountaineers including the central committee member of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Krishna KC and Chairman Prachanda’s son Prakash Dahal have headed to climb 6,000 m high Langtang mountain. This climb is in preparation of climbing the Mount Everest.

After the intention to climb the world’s highest peak, party’s team had been practicing mountain climbing for the last few months. After the 20 days climbing training in Langtang, the team is ex
pected to climb Mt. Everest in this year’s season.

The Mt. Everest climbing team includes Krishna KC, Prakash Dahal, Yuvaraj Dulal, Bina Magar, Shivakumar Dangi, Mukunda Pokharel, Dinesh Shrestha, Ishu Bhatta, Madan Chudal and Maheshowr Phuyal.

Our best wishes for the team for the success of Langtang ascent and their ultimate Mt. Everest climbing!

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12 scandals involving CPN Maoist leaders

A lot of internal matters, within the CPN Maoist party during it’s ‘People’s War,’ never came out in public. Some of the best kept secrets were sex abuses and scandals by the leaders at various levels. Only the cases that went out of hands were known to the general public. Journalist Netra Panthi has collected some of the well known sex scandal within CPN Maoist party and in which, the leaders involved were punished for their crime. Detailed, Nepali version, is published by Vishwanews.

1. Ram Bahadur Thapa and Pampha Bhusal

In 2053 BS a sex scandal between the top leader of CPN Maoist, Ram Bahadur Thapa (Cm. Badal) and another top leader, Pampha Bhusal caused the party to punish them. The issue was widely talked about at that time.

2. Haribol Gajurel and Nir Kumari Darlami

Central committee member Haribol Gajurel (Cm. Shitalkumar) and current CA member, Nir Kumari Darlami (Cm. Shila). Nir Kumari’s husband was killed by the army in 2061 BS.

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Maoists ready for new UML government

Dev Gurung, senior leader of the Unified CPN (Maoist) has said that his party will accept a new government under the leadership of CPN (UML). In the current situation, it does not seem like the other political parties will accept a government led by Maoists. Therefore, his party (CPN Maoist) is ready to accept a new government led by CPN (UML).

Though his party should have the first claim for leadership in the country by the virtue of his party being the single largest party in the constitution assembly, Maoists are ready to accept the chairman Jhala Nath Khanal as the new prime minister of Nepal.

The Maoist politburo, however, will defeat the candidacy of Poudel by voting ag
ainst him if the candidacy of NC parliamentary party leader Ram Chandra Poudel for the post of prime minister still stands.