Minister felicitates an illegal driver (Six year old drives school bus)

A six-year-old drives an school bus in Kathmandu. And, a minister, Minendra Rijal, felicitates the kid for doing the "great job".  


What amazed me most is that nobody told the minister that it is illegal to drive under 18, according to the traffic law in Nepal.

Last time when a 7-year-old made news by operating an excavator, I questioned the relevance of making such a stuff a news. Editors at one of the most popular Nepali daily, Nagarik, also forgot to see that any kid can drive vehicle. A five-year-old can play a car-race video game better than an adult. That doesn’t make the kid a race car driver?

The 6 year old driver, Ishan Shrestha drove the 6-wheeler school bus from World Trade Center in Tripureshowr to Shaid Gate. The event was organized by a monthly magazine, Naya Auto Nepal. The magazine claims that Ishan can be the youngest heavy vehicle driver in the world.

I am sure, Ishan is the only driver in the world as nobody would let a 6 year old drive a schoolbus.

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