Miss Nepal 2019 Talent Competition

The Miss Nepal talent competition was held recently in the competition, the participants showed their skills in various art forms.

A highlights video:

Contestants and their instagram accounts links.

One of the most attractive attire was that of Nisha Pathak..

And, Alisha Joshi was featured in traditional Newari attire:

1. Nisha Pathak – https://www.instagram.com/me.nishapathak/
2. Alisha Joshi – https://www.instagram.com/alishajoshi_alee07/
3. Sophiya Bhujel – https://www.instagram.com/sophiyabhujel/
4. Riya Basnet
5. Sanskriti Ghimire https://www.instagram.com/sanskriti_ghimire/
6. Anushka Shrestha https://www.instagram.com/anshkashrestha/
7. Jenny Maharjan https://www.instagram.com/jenny.maharjan/
8. Ashmita Maharjan https://www.instagram.com/ashmita_mahzn/
9. Kiran Thapa https://www.instagram.com/kiran.thapa_/
10. Pradeepta Adhikari https://www.instagram.com/p_adhikari/
11. Nitika Karmacharya https://www.instagram.com/nitikaakarmacharya/
12. Rose Lama https://www.instagram.com/rose_lamalama/
13. Sara Bajimaya – https://www.instagram.com/sarabajimaya/
14. Laxmi Raut https://www.instagram.com/rautluxme/
15. Rakchya Upreti https://www.instagram.com/raku_1002/
16. Meera Kakshapati https://www.instagram.com/meera.kakshapati/
17. Jenisa Thapaliya https://www.instagram.com/xenisa.t/
18. Pooja Shrestha https://www.instagram.com/pooja_shrestha._/
19. Bipana Subedi https://www.instagram.com/bipana_subedi/
20. Suvekshya Adhikari https://www.instagram.com/suvekshagram/
21. Prakriti Katwal not sure (https://www.instagram.com/prakritiktwl/)
22. Nancy Bogati https://www.instagram.com/nancybogati/
23. Shiwani Ghimire – https://www.instagram.com/shiwani_ghimire/
24. Santwana Malakar https://www.instagram.com/santwanamalakar/
25. Pratha Adhikari – https://www.instagram.com/adhikaripratha95/

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