Miss Nepal 2019: The most creative New Year message

Here are the new year wishes of some of the Miss Nepal 2019 participants. May share their wishes in various medium. I have collected those shared in Instagram:

Contestant Number 1: Nisha Pathak

Nisha’s wish is regular wish.

Nothing special in Contestant number 2 message:

Sophia Bhujel’s wish has positivity in her message.

Riya Basnet’s message is long and original.

5. I didn’t see a New Year wish in Sanskriti’s profile. May be she had one in her stories.

6. Aushka’s wish is regular New Year wish.

7. Jenny Maharjan’s New year wish:

Ashmita Maharjan’s happy new year, everyone !

9. Kiran Thapa doesn’t have a wish post in Instagram.

10. Pradeepta Adhikari’s New Year wish:

Nikita Karmacharya’s

Rose Lama borrowed a quote for the New Year wish:

Sara Bajimaya’s wish:

Laxmi Raut doesn’t have a wish.

Rakchya Upreti doesn’t have one either.

Bipana Subedi

Prakriti Katuwal

Santawana Malakar:

Which one do you think is the most creative?
Please comment.

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