Miss Nepal 2019: The most creative New Year message

Here are the new year wishes of some of the Miss Nepal 2019 participants. May share their wishes in various medium. I have collected those shared in Instagram:

Contestant Number 1: Nisha Pathak

Nisha’s wish is regular wish.

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😇 नयाँ बर्षको सुरुवात संगै यहाँको जिवनमा नयाँ जोस,जागर,उमङ्ग र सफलतालाई पछ्यादै हरेक पाईलाहरुले शिखर चुमोस साथै हजुरको स-परिवारमा सदा सुख-सुस्वाथ्य र दिर्घायुको कामना सहित 2076 सालको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना 🙏 #mn2019 #25thanniversary #beautypageant #yamahafascinomissnepal2019 #newyear2076 #jsk

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Nothing special in Contestant number 2 message:

Sophia Bhujel’s wish has positivity in her message.

Riya Basnet’s message is long and original.

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2075 has been a transition period for me. This was the year I earned my first degree, got my first job, my first salary, learned a new dance form, and got to travel to my dream destinations. Also, not to forget the year when I got selected as the Top 25 contestant of Miss Nepal 2019. But, 2075 was also the year filled with several job rejections, broken trust, failed expectations, and the year when I lost complete faith over myself. Well, there were also times when I wanted to crawl to a corner and tell life “enough already”. Sounds familiar? Maybe it does, because, LIFE IS NOT PERFECT, FORTUNATELY. And it will never be. This is the duality of life. And the biggest lesson that 2075 taught me is how life is not always sunshine and rainbows, puppies and smiles. More than often there are going to be times when the cloud and storms will cast a shadow on our life, and it can get downright dirty and dark. But then, Bernice Rights had it right when she said “life’s challenges aren’t supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to discover who you are.” Today the second day of 2076, I am writing this note of self-reminder, that life ahead is going to be a pretty bumpy ride. But these bumpy rides are there to jolt us back into the reality or rather to keep a check on our resiliency. At the end of the day, life is full of choices. Yin-yang is representative of life. But which side we choose, how we tackle situations, which direction we go, depends on our personal outlook. The choice is ours to make! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2076! #missnepal2019 #roadtomissnepal2019 #25thanniversary #beautypageant #newyearresolution #newyear2076 #traveldiaries #europetour #lifelessons

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5. I didn’t see a New Year wish in Sanskriti’s profile. May be she had one in her stories.

6. Aushka’s wish is regular New Year wish.

7. Jenny Maharjan’s New year wish:

Ashmita Maharjan’s happy new year, everyone !

9. Kiran Thapa doesn’t have a wish post in Instagram.

10. Pradeepta Adhikari’s New Year wish:

Nikita Karmacharya’s

Rose Lama borrowed a quote for the New Year wish:

Sara Bajimaya’s wish:

Laxmi Raut doesn’t have a wish.

Rakchya Upreti doesn’t have one either.

Bipana Subedi

Prakriti Katuwal

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Happy new year folks 🙏 📸 @p_adhikari

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Santawana Malakar:

Which one do you think is the most creative?
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