Miss Nepal 2019 to be held at Laboratory School on May 9

Miss Nepal 2019 grand finale is being held on May 9, 2019 (Baisakh 26, 2076) at Laboratory H.S. School premises in Kritipur. The ticket to the event costs Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 3,000. The ticket to the event is available to purchase online through mobile banking system. This year is an special event for the beauty contest because, it is the 25th year of the start of the contest. The contest started in 1994 to send Nepali contestants to international beauty contests. In the 25 years, the contests were held every year except in the year 2001, 2006 and 2008. In the year 1997 two Miss Nepal contests were held in the same year – one by the original organizer, Kathmandu Jaycees and another by The Hidden Treasure, the current organizer. After that year, Kathmandu Jaycees ceases to organize the event on its own.

At the end of the training period, the contestants have started to thank their supporter and prepare themselves for the finale. Here are some of the statements of the contestants:

Contestant No. 1 Nisha Pathak says:

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Miss Nepal has been a dream since childhood, I grew up looking and learning to be like them in any possible way, 😊 Every year baba used to bring newspaper where Miss Nepal Application details were presented and every year I said next year, but this year since it is 25th anniversary of Miss Nepal also I graduated my first degree I gathered strength and entered #missnepal2019 to turn my dreams into reality 😇 As I start my close camp from today, I wont be able to connect with you all before the finale, These 6 weeks have been the best days of my life so far, No matter what the result will be I will cherrish the memories forever. 🙏 Thank you each and every one who supported me throughout the journey of paving my dreams into reality ❤️ Keep them coming. Life is about to start a new chapter, super thrilled and excited 🤞 #missnepal2019 #25thanniversary #missnepal #beautypageant #final #dreamsintoreality #rooting #may9 #jsk

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Number 2 -Alisha Joshi and 3 Sophhiya Bhujel are yet to post their thank you notes.

Contestant 4

Contestant 5 Sanskriti and Contestant 6 , 7 Jenny Maharjan, 8 Ashmita Maharjan, and 9 Kiran Thapa are yet to post their Thank you posts in Instagram.

10 Pradeepta

11 Nitika has gone a step further and has already proposed her BWP (Beauty with a purpose) project:

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Hello everyone. I would like to share my beauty with purpose for Miss Nepal 2019 with you all. The name of the project is "Stars beyond the clouds". This project is very close to my heart and is very special to me. I've been working on this since 1 and half year. Let me brief you all about this project. Vision is the primary sensory input; about 80% of learning takes place through visual system. Just think! How difficult is it for visually impaired children to perceive the knowledge. I am associating myself with Nepal Blind Assosiation to contribute and add some more color in their life for those visually imapired children. If my small effort can bring smile on their faces then why not? I always believe in being kind to each other because people may forget how rich you were but trust me they will never forget how kind you were. It's always great experience to be around these lovely children. These innocent faces motivates me and make me forget my struggles. I love them a lottttttttttt. My angels ❤❤❤😇 And now, I would like to thank few people who has helped me on this project. Firstly, my momma and baba, without their support in anything, I wouldn't be the Nitika I am today. Thankyou momma and baba for everything you have done for me. My sister @riyakarmacharya who is my pillar of strength. She is the best sister anybody could ever get. She has worked so much on this project giving her everything to make it look the best😍😘And my aunt @samjhana_pradhan for helping me figuring out the parts I was confused in. Thankyou to Nepal integrated blind association for having such friendly environment and taking proper care of the children. I would also request all the people who are reading this right now,please remember them when you celebrate your birthdays, anniversary or anything. The smile you see on their faces is priceless. So please visit them. And I would also take this post to thank @anupupt for giving name to this project which is "Stars beyond the cloud" and helped me when I was very confused about the name. This is what my project is for beauty with purpose, Miss Nepal 2019. I pray that I'll be more able to give those innocent kids the love they need🙂🙏

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12 Rose Lama doesn’t have “thank you” posts. So does 13 Sara Bajimaya and 14 Laxmi Raut.

15 Rakshya Upreti says:

16 Meera Kashyapati & 17 Jenisha don’t have thank you post.

18 Pooja says:

19 Bipana Subedi says:

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THANK YOU 😇 As the journey is coming to it's end, all I feel is gratitude. Gratitude towards my family that they're letting me find a  space of mine in this world. Gratitude towards God for making me able enough to stand where I am today. Gratitude towards all my trainers and mentors who have helped me come out of my comfort zone and gratitude towards all of you for always being there to support me . From today, I won't be using my social media accounts until our finale . I am so grateful towards each one of you for giving your time to write the words of encouragement for me. I have pushed myself beyond limits to be what it takes to earn the privilege of wearing the prestigious crown . Now I leave everything on God 😊 #grateful #grandfinale #may9th #missnepal2019 #25thanniversary #roadtomissnepal2019 #contestantno19

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20 Subeksha is yet to write the note.

21 Prakriti Katwal says:

22 Nancy is yet to write.

23 Shiwani says:

Rest are yet to write their thanks notes.

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