Miss Nepal 2019 to be held at Laboratory School on May 9

Miss Nepal 2019 grand finale is being held on May 9, 2019 (Baisakh 26, 2076) at Laboratory H.S. School premises in Kritipur. The ticket to the event costs Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 3,000. The ticket to the event is available to purchase online through mobile banking system. This year is an special event for the beauty contest because, it is the 25th year of the start of the contest. The contest started in 1994 to send Nepali contestants to international beauty contests. In the 25 years, the contests were held every year except in the year 2001, 2006 and 2008. In the year 1997 two Miss Nepal contests were held in the same year – one by the original organizer, Kathmandu Jaycees and another by The Hidden Treasure, the current organizer. After that year, Kathmandu Jaycees ceases to organize the event on its own.

At the end of the training period, the contestants have started to thank their supporter and prepare themselves for the finale. Here are some of the statements of the contestants:

Contestant No. 1 Nisha Pathak says:

Number 2 -Alisha Joshi and 3 Sophhiya Bhujel are yet to post their thank you notes.
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Nepali Beauty Contests in USA, Australia, UK and Hong Kong

There are a lot of beauty contests held in Nepal. The trend has extended beyond the Nepali border as Nepali people settle in various countries in the world. Beauty contests are held among young girls.

Popularity of Beauty Contest

Most of these beauty contests are held for the personality development and starting career in entertainment industry. The sudden rise in the number of beauty contests in Nepal can be attributed to the business aspect of the contests. These contests are usually held by training institutes, education institutes, and event managers. They train young girls and test their qualification by organizing the contests. It has also become a platform for young girls in various stages of their lives. For example, there used to be a beauty contest among girls appearing in SLC examination – Miss SLC. Similarly Miss College, Miss Plus Two were also held.

As Nepali people migrate to other countries and their children grow young, similar trend has also started in foreign countries. Beauty contests among Nepali girls in foreign countries are:

  • Miss US Nepal
  • Miss Australia Nepal
  • Miss UK Nepal
  • Miss Hong Kong Nepal

The distribution of beauty contests among Nepali girls in foreign countries are held in countries that host a lot of Nepali people on permanent basis. These countries are India, USA, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong.
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Miss Nepal 2018 contestants – What do they say about themselves

Video report:

1. Mahima Singh

22-year-old Mahima Singh from Kathmandu is 5 ft 6 inches tall and is a BBA graduate.

I do believe in taking risks in life because until you take a step you never know what life holds for you. This is why I’m a participant of MN 2018

Previous Experience:

– Modeling in 2013-2014
– Face of House of Fashion Constant 2013

2. Ronali Amatya

22 years old Ronali Amatya was also the Model Hunt Nepal 2016 and Miss Eco Internation Nepal 2017 winner. She is 5 ft 7 inches tall.
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19 Miss Nepal 2017 final list

There are 19 finalist of Miss Nepal 2017. The contestants were selected by auditions held in various cities all over Nepal. For the first time in the history of the contest, this year, Skype auditions were also held for the applicants living abroad. This year, contestants from Kathmandu, Dharan, Pokhara, Butwal, Dhangadi, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj and Chitwan are contesting for the crown.

video (Updated)

The contestants were selected based on the talent, beauty, personality and the level of wisdom among the applicants. In the pre-final round 30 contestants were selected by eight different audition. Eleven contestants were eliminated to finalize the finalists. The final is scheduled to be held on June 2, 2017.
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Who are the Miss Nepal 2017 contestants ?

The official list of the Miss Nepal contestants is yet to be released. I have compiled the list of contestants from unofficial sources.

Unlike previous years, the organizers chose 30 contestants to begin with and then they eliminated 10 contestants as they progress. The final 20 contestants will compete in the finale. I am compiling the list of 20 finalist contestants. The following list is the confirmed finalist according to the individual contestants.

I will update this post again after the official list is released. The confiremd contestants so far are:

  • Rinku Bajracharya – Contestant number 2
  • Priyanka Khadka – Contestant number 3
  • Rojyna Shrestha – Contestant number 7
  • Niti Shah – Contestant number 11
  • Nikita Chandak – Contestant Number 14

UPDATE – Based on a photo uploaded by the official account of Miss Nepal in Instagram, there are 21 contestants including the daughter of the Miss Nepal choreographer Rachana Sharma Gurung – Amalia Sharma. It is interesting that there are two Rojina Shrestha and I am not sure which one is the contestant 7 – the Baneshowr one or the Mitrapark one. The previous unconfirmed list has to be :

  • Ajyona Tamrakar
  • Amalai Sharma
  • Rojina Shrestha (Baneshowr)
  • Rojina Shrestha (Mitrapark)
  • Gyani Maya Baral
  • Swostika Silwal
  • Anusha Lamsal
  • Ashima Baral
  • Dristi Katuwal
  • Urusha Adhikari
  • Kritika Giri
  • Barsha Pokharel
  • Rakhcha Karki
  • Anita Bhandari
  • Manjari Singh
  • Namrata Gurung
  • Sahara Basnet

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Miss Rai 2012 to be held on July 7

Miss Rai 2012 beauty pageant is going to be held on Ashad 23, 2069 (July 7, 2012). Miss Rai contest is organized by Kirat Rai Sanskritik Kendra. The contest will be held in Rastriya Nachghar in Jamal, Kathmandu. The event starts at 2:00 PM on Saturday July 7.

List of contestants in the beauty contest:

Contestant No. 1 – Sarada Rai
Contestant No. 2 – Yuma Rai
Contestant No. 3 – Yokki Rai
Contestant No. 4 – Eljina Rai
Contestant No. 5 – Sushma Rai
Contestant No. 6 – Shrijha Rai
Contestant No. 7 – Seli Rai

Contestant No. 8 – Aruna Rai
Contestant No. 9 – Ganita Rai
Contestant No. 10 – Goma Rai
Contestant No. 11 – Poonam Rai
Contestant No. 12 – Amrita Rai
Contestant No. 13 – Chhila Rai
Contestant No. 14 – Anu Rai
Contestant No. 15 – Anita Rai
Contestant No. 16 – Uma Rai

(credits badmasi.com)

Miss Jyapu to be held on March 17

We already have various ethnic beauty contests like Miss Newa, Miss Gurung, Miss Sherpa, Miss Tamang and so on. It seems such ethnic contests haven’t been able to include all the sub-ethnic communities. That might be the reason Miss Jyapu is going to be organized soon. Jyapu is a small sub-community within Newa or Newar community, opting agriculture as their profession. By default, Miss Newa is supposed to include all the beauties from Jyapu community.

Miss Jyapu 2012 is going to be organized on March 17, 2012 (Chaitra 4. 2068 BS) and application for the beauties of age between 18 and 24 is open now. The particip
ants will be taught about the traditional agricultural practices and typical Newari tradition.

After Miss Jyapu (agriculture professionals) it seems, we will have more beauty contests like Miss Gubhaju (Newari Priests), Miss Shrestha (Merchants), Miss Pode (fishermen, sweepers), Miss Chyami (sweepers) and so on in the near future.

UPDATE: Miss Jyapu Beauty Pageant 2012 Registration Form

Samriddhi Rai representing Nepal in Miss Tourism Queen International 2011

UPDATE:  Samriddhi Rai was awarded Miss Personality in the Miss Toursim Queen International 2011. Click here for more photos of Samriddhi receiving the title.

Nepali beauty Samriddhi Rai is representing Nepal in Miss Tourism Queen International 2011, being held in China. Winner of online voting will be able to participate in the semifinal. If you want Samriddhi, you can also help her by voting online (it costs money to vote).  **Vote here.** (Voting closes soon on the 26th December 2011, at 1700 Hour GMT +08:00)

Here are some stunning shots of Samriddhi from China:

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Miss UK Nepal 2011 – Gaumaya Gurung

Congratulation Miss UK Nepal 2011 Gaumaya Gurung.

The 19 year-old winner Gaumaya Gurung lives in Watford, London and is 5ft 2in tall.

Also, congratulations to Pragya Shrestha the first runner-up and Neelam Gurung the second runner-up. The event was organized on November 19, 2011.

Miss Little Culture, Pokhara is Tushar Dube

A beauty and talent contest among the girls aged 6-12 years was held in Pokhara recently. The winner among the 9 contestants was Miss Tushar Dube.

The first runner up of the contest was Miss Ishma Gurung and second runnerup was Pringja Gurung. Ishma was also the Most Confident and Pringja also received the Best Cultural Dress title.

This should be the most rewarding contest as every contestant received at least one title. The title winners were:

  1. Miss Tushar Dube – Miss Little Culture
  2. Miss Ishma gurung – First runner up – Miss Little Culture and Most Confident
  3. Miss Pringja Gurung – Second
    runner up – Miss Little culture and Best Cultural Dress
  4. Miss Liza Koirala – Viewer’s Choice – Most Cute
  5. Miss Liza Pun – Most Disciplined
  6. Miss Sushma Poudel – Most Friendly
  7. Miss Ashminta Pun – Best Performence
  8. Miss Jesika Pun – Most Cute
  9. Miss Sophiya Kunwar – Best Smile

I wonder if they had some more titles and they didn’t have contestant to award the title.

Miss Air Hostess is an actress, Kajol Khadka

Miss Kajol Khadka has become the Miss Air Hostess after defeating 21 contestants in an event held at the Rastriya Naachghar in Kathmandu. Kajol has received Rs. 35,000 in cash along with the Miss Air Hostess title.

All the contestants were the students taking Air Hostess training at Flight Tech International and Flying Institute. The whole event was simulated as an actual flight in "SA 101 of Sangrila Airlines". The captain of the 1:30 hour flight from Kathmandu to New Delhi was Captain S. Shrestha.

The first runnerup of the title was Miss. Urusha Shrestha and second runnerup was Manisha Gurung. Urusha and Manis
ha received the prize money of Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 15,000 respectively.

Kajol has acted in the leading role in her upcoming movie "Deshle ragat maage." The movie is directed by Badri Adhikari.

20 year old Miss Air hostess, Kajol Khadka, is 5.4” tall and weighs 48 Kg. She is doing her first year in Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS).

Sadichha stood out in Miss World ramp with peacock feather dress.

In the Miss World modeling round, the audience clearly gasp and applaud when Miss Nepal 2010, Sadichha Shrestha, opened up her peacock feathered dress (skip to 1:30 in the video below to see it for yourselves).

The dress was made out of Allo from Taplejung district in Nepal with peacock feathers attached to it. The designer of the dress are Uttam Banepali and Shiba Shrestha of Uttam Creations, Kupondole. The dress weighing 6 kg took 5 workers for 15 days to finish.

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Miss Teen Pokhara 2010 is Dipika Pahari

In a contest organized on October 10, Dipika Pahari was crowned Miss Teen Pokhara 2010. A 10th standard student, 15-year-old Dipika, was the youngest among the the 15 finalist.

The first runner up was Sarala Thapa and second runner up was Sanju Thapa in the contest. Miss Teen Dipika was also the winner of Best Creative title. Sanju was also the Miss Photogenic.

Anita Gurung was the Public Selection and Best Smile title winner, Salina Gurung got the Miss Talent and Miss Catwalk. Other title winners are: Pramila Ghale – Best Figure, Sunita CK – Best Friendly, Anita Thapa – Best Performance, Anu Gurung – Best Personality, Su
shma Subedi – Miss Smart, Merika Gurung – Best Dress, Asmita Gurung – Best Discipline, Purnima Rana – Miss Cjharming, Ayusha Buddharchya – Best Hair, and Anju Singh Khawas – Miss Attitude.

Previous post – Miss Teen Pokhara 2010 to be held on Oct. 10

Miss Teen Pokhara 2010 to be held on Oct. 10

After a long time Miss Teen Pokhara is going to be held this year. The contest was halted previously amidst protest of Maoist women groups.

13 to 19 year old participants of this year’s contest have started to practice for the grand finale, scheduled for Ashoj 24 (October 10, 2010). The contest is organized by The Right Arm International P. Ltd. (Photo – Kantipur)