Miss World 2018 – Will Shrinkhala Khatiwada bring the crown home? Possibly

There is a high chance that Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Miss Nepal 2018, might be able to bring home the Miss World crown. That is because, she is the most deserving candidate so far. There were capable contestants before. But, Shrinkhala seems to be better than all of them because of her confidence, intelligence and beauty.

Video report:


An example of her talent was seen at the Talent round of Miss Nepal:

Shrinkhala’s updates:

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THANK YOU NEPAL! As I sit here, wearing the sash of "Miss Nepal World", carrying our beloved flag, my heart is overwhelmed with emotions. Idk where do I begin and idk how do I end it when the journey has only just begun. It's been six months since I was crowned as a miss Nepal and these have by far been the best months of my life. Above everything else, I earned a lot of people. Each one of you are the reason that keeps me moving. Times aren't always in your favor, you can't always be perfect at everything, there are days when you question if it's all worth it. These are the times when I remember the love, support and faith from each one of you. I remember why I am doing this. This is for Nepal! This is to show the world that Nepalese are right there, shoulder to shoulder. To show our humility, our dedication, our simplicity our love. I am still not perfect at everything but, no one really is. I'm taking my strengths with me. I have done everything that I could do to represent Nepal the best at the world stage. Thank you for all your faith in me. With all your love and support, I'm more confident than ever! I hope I make you all proud. ❤️ नेपाल आउदा ताज लिएर आउन पाउ, नेपालीलाई विश्व भरि चिनाएर आउन पाउ।💕 @missworld #missnepal2018 #missworld2018 #bwap #mnformw #missnepal #missworld #journeytomissworld #visitnepal2020

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