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Pre-release review of My Life was posted earlier.

Increasing number of music video directors have started making feature films. Jeewan Rashaili is one of those testing waters in big screen film making. In the past most of the successful music video directors had tried to make it big, couldn’t survive in the market. ‘My Life‘ will determine the future of the music video director Rashaili’s future.



My Life‘ is a love story of Prabhu (Suraj RD), a MBBS student and his love to Gauri (Jharana Thapa). Gauri’s brother helps Prabhu to win the heart of Gauri. Another character, Raghu (Kamal Krishna) is a rich businessman involved in drug business. When Raghu found out that his sister has fallen in love with Gauri’s brother Raghu tries to kill Gauri and her brother. Watching the movie will help you answer the question: Will Prabhu be able to save Gauri and her brother?

Strength and Weakness:

The most critical weakness of the movie is that, ‘My Life’ doesn’t have life in the movie. Viewers can get a feeling that the movie is only made just to feature some special effects and useless thrilling type of background score. The movie lacks vision or aim. In essence, there is no real strength to attract viewers to the theater.

The only strength might be Jharna Thapa’s face. Her fans might want to watch it once. But, the poster designer have failed in that aspect too. No poster has featured Jharana properly.

Talking about weakness – the list looks pretty long . The screenplay is not proper, characters don’t have a proper vision, none of the character is strong. The story and screenplay is stretched unnecessarily to make it 2 hours long. There are some new special effects but they too aren’t appreciable. Background score is too loud and irritates viewers rather than entertaining. Performance of every character in the movie is weak. It seems, that director has stretched a music video to a 2-hour-long movie.  Although the movie is supposed to be a revenge story, the revenge in itself is not appropriate. The movie publicized as a ‘thriller and suspense’ movie doesn’t have any thriller.

It is clear the director hasn’t done proper homework and has made a movie with nothing to praise.


Star Cast:

One of the strength of the movie is the actress Jharana Thapa. Jharana’s name might be helpful in promoting the movie outside Kathmandu valley. But, in the movie, it is clear that the star power was wasted. Jharana hasn’t performed well and she doesn’t even look that attractive in the movie.

All other actors, Suraj RD, Ayub K.C, Sraj Garach are new actors in the movie and none have done an appreciable performance. The only actor, Kamal Krishna, in the role of Raghu has done an appreciable work.


It’s a bad movie!

It can be an excellent example on how a feature film is different from a music video. And, it has proved again that a good music video director cannot be a good film director as well. They are two different fields.

Movie starts with unwanted graphics and irritating background music and it is the same till the end. The reviewer feels that watching this movie is equivalent to experiencing a disaster!

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