Movie Review – My Life

Pre-release review of My Life was posted earlier.

Increasing number of music video directors have started making feature films. Jeewan Rashaili is one of those testing waters in big screen film making. In the past most of the successful music video directors had tried to make it big, couldn’t survive in the market. ‘My Life‘ will determine the future of the music video director Rashaili’s future.



My Life‘ is a love story of Prabhu (Suraj RD), a MBBS student and his love to Gauri (Jharana Thapa). Gauri’s brother helps Prabhu to win the heart of Gauri. Another character, Raghu (Kamal Krishna) is a rich businessman involved in drug business. When Raghu found out that his sister has fallen in love with Gauri’s brother Raghu tries to kill Gauri and her brother. Watching the movie will help you answer the question: Will Prabhu be able to save Gauri and her brother?

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Pre-Release Review – My Life


My Life‘ is a Nepali movie produced by the Unlimited Dreams and Biwash Ghale and directed by Jeewan Rashaili. By observing the promo of the movie, one can say that it is targeted to the young generation. The movie is made in digital format and is being distributed by Digital Cinema Nepal.

Views of producer / director

According to the director, Jeewan Rashaili, who had spoken in various media, my life is a revenge thriller love story which is different from other movies in its technical aspects. He also added that he has tried to use special effects in the movie for the entertainment of the viewers. The movie is basically is about love story of youths and revenge.

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