Nepali Movie – Maya Ta Maya Ho (Update)

Nepali Movie – Maya Ta Maya Ho
Starring – Nikhil Upreti, Sanchita Luitel, BS Rana, Suraj RD, Laxmi Giri, Tulsi Ghimire, Nawal Nepal etc.
Director – Tulsi Ghimire

The movie ‘Maya ta Maya Ho presents the couple Nikhil Upreti with Sanchita Luitel in leading roles. The story of the movie is written by Binod Aryal, music by Sambhujit Baskota, lyrics by Shanti Priya / Basanta Sapkota, choreography by Gobinda Rai, action by Roshan Shrestha, cinematography by Purushottam Pradhan and editing by Manoranjan Shrestha. The singers of the songs in the movie are Rajesh Payal Rai, Anju Panta, Dipak Limbu, Mandavi Tripathi, and Manoj Raj Siwakoti. The child artists in the movie are Bivash Aryal, Angel Subedi and Bibhuti Aryal

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Nepali Movie – Mission Paisa

Nepali Film – Mission Paisa
StarringNikhil Upreti, Suraj RD, Nisha Adhikari, Ayusha Basnet, Sunil Thapa, Amir Gautam etc.
Director – Simosh Sunuwar

The movie offers a special thanks to late director Alok nembang (in the start of the movie). The movie written by the director Simosh is produced by Rajeeb Shrestha, Dipikar Thapa Sunuwar and Bhawana Rajbhandari. ‘Mission Paisa’ is a presentation of AVI production in association with Reeyaz Films. After the huge success of the movie, a sequel ‘Mission Paisa Reloaded’ was also produced.

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Real Names of Nepali artists who had changed their name after entering the film industry

Changing names is a common practice among Nepali artists for a better name or for good luck. Some astrologers suggest a different names for the success in their career. For example, Bhuwan KC changed his name to a 7-lettered Bhuwann before the release of his movie ‘Sathi Ma Timro‘. It’s a different story, the movie didn’t do well in theater. Actress Binita Baral had also changed her name to Beenita (7-letters) on the suggestion of an astrologer. The result of the change in names were not that exciting. But, that won’t deter people from changing names. Others change to a better sounding names like Shova to Nandita, Radheshyam to Ramit, Nawaraj to Nawal and so on.

A video slideshow of change in names of Nepali actresses:


A photo slideshow of the actors who have changed their names:

We had compiled a list of actresses who had changed their name when they entered the Nepali movie industry. This post incorporates male actors and some additional female actresses who had changed their name to a new name.

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Nepali Movie – Ringroad

Nepali Movie – Ringroad
StarringSuraj RD, Jiya KC, Basanta Raj Rijal, Prashant KC, Khagesh Adhikari, Usha Kharel, Sirjana Thapa Magar etc.
Director – Damundara Bhatta, Santosh Dhakal

The movie ‘Ring Road’ was dragged into controversy when a shooting report was released online. The actress had to protest when the male actor tried to take advantage of the actress by touching her private parts. Hot actress Jiya KC is in gust role in the movie.

‘Ring Road’ was released on May 10, 2013 along with three other movies. The movie is the presentation of Ocean Vision Pvt. Ltd.

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Nepali Movie – Plan

Neplai Movie – Plan
StarringDhiren Shakya, Mukesh Dhakal, Anushka Dhakal, Anita Dahal, Sunil Thapa, Mohan Niraula, Shovit Basnet, Dhruba Neupane, Ragini Khadgi (new face) etc.
Guest ArtistsSuraj RD, Yashraj, Mukesh Acharya, Suvekchya Thapa
Special Appearance – Rajendra Khadgi
Direction – Shovit Basnet

‘Plan’ is Kabita Films Presentation and the debut movie of Rajendra Khadgi‘s daughter – Ragini Khadgi.

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Four movies releasing this week

This week, on December 14, 2012 four Nepali movies are releasing in the theaters. Movies ‘Shyana’ and ‘Karbhahi’ are releasing all over Nepal, ‘Bhul Bhaya Maaf Gara’ is releasing in Kathmandu after it’s 2-years-old release in theaters out of Kathmandu. ‘Love You Man’ is releasing in the theaters out of Kathmandu.

SP Movie Maker’s ‘Shyana’ is directed by Sameer Miya and produced by Suraj Pradhan. The movie made on love story features actor Prasant Giri, Khusbu Khadga, Saloni Gurung, and Madan Shrestha in main roles. The movie was shot in various locations in Pa
lpa, Lumbini, Narayangad and Kathmandu. The movie features the cinematography of Binod Sapkota, choreography of Ratna Joshi and Suresh Chaudahri. The special effects in the movie is also told to be unique and interesting.

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Movie Review – My Life

Pre-release review of My Life was posted earlier.

Increasing number of music video directors have started making feature films. Jeewan Rashaili is one of those testing waters in big screen film making. In the past most of the successful music video directors had tried to make it big, couldn’t survive in the market. ‘My Life‘ will determine the future of the music video director Rashaili’s future.


My Life‘ is a love story of Prabhu (Suraj RD), a MBBS student and his love to Gauri (Jharana Thapa). Gauri’s brother helps Prabhu to win the heart of Gauri. Another character, Raghu (Kamal Krishna) is a rich businessman involved in drug business. When Raghu found out that his sister has fallen in love with Gauri’s brother Raghu tries to kill Gauri and her brother. Watching the movie will help you answer the question: Will Prabhu be able to save Gauri and her brother?

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Pre-Release Review – My Life


My Life‘ is a Nepali movie produced by the Unlimited Dreams and Biwash Ghale and directed by Jeewan Rashaili. By observing the promo of the movie, one can say that it is targeted to the young generation. The movie is made in digital format and is being distributed by Digital Cinema Nepal.

Views of producer / director

According to the director, Jeewan Rashaili, who had spoken in various media, my life is a revenge thriller love story which is different from other movies in its technical aspects. He also added that he has tried to use special effects in the movie for the entertainment of the viewers. The movie is basically is about love story of youths and revenge.

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Nepali Film – Binti Patra

Sakun Films P. Ltd’s first movie
Nepali Film – Binti Patra
Cast – Sushil Chhetri, Sanchita Shah, Suraj RD, Raju Lamichane, Jenny Kuwar etc.
Screenplay and Direction – Pramod Bhandari

This is the placeholder of movie ‘Binti Patra’. I will updated this post when the official version is available online.

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