Movie Review – My Life

Pre-release review of My Life was posted earlier.

Increasing number of music video directors have started making feature films. Jeewan Rashaili is one of those testing waters in big screen film making. In the past most of the successful music video directors had tried to make it big, couldn’t survive in the market. ‘My Life‘ will determine the future of the music video director Rashaili’s future.



My Life‘ is a love story of Prabhu (Suraj RD), a MBBS student and his love to Gauri (Jharana Thapa). Gauri’s brother helps Prabhu to win the heart of Gauri. Another character, Raghu (Kamal Krishna) is a rich businessman involved in drug business. When Raghu found out that his sister has fallen in love with Gauri’s brother Raghu tries to kill Gauri and her brother. Watching the movie will help you answer the question: Will Prabhu be able to save Gauri and her brother?

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Children imitating the act of film stars

Children do what they see. Children learn from imitating other’s act. They imitate what others do without thinking whether it is good or not. If they imitate good one, that will give good result. But if they imitate wrong thing, it may lead them to wrong way and even may harm them and others.

Likewise, they like to imitate the act of film stars too. While imitating such act in Taplejung, bad incident has occurred.

11 years old Keshar Purtel has got injured while imitating the act of famous Nepali fiim star Nikhil Uprety. Keshar poured kerosene on himself and lit the fire.

According to Keshar’s father, grade 3 student of local Bhagwati Primary School imitated Uprety’s act while playing with friends. Neighbor put off the fire after seeing Keshar burning. Treatment of injured Keshar is going on in Panchthar Hospital.

According to media report, similar incident has occurred earlier too in Nepalgunj and one boy jumped from terrace imitating the act of actor Biraj Bhatta.

Such repition of bad incidents demands that something should be done so that they won’t occur again and again in future too.

Bhuwan KC and Binita Baral – Result of the name change game

This time, there was an unlikely competition between a established producer and actor Bhuwan KC and a new entry actress Binita Baral. It was not only in changing their names on the suggestion of their respective astrologers, they also competed in creating controversies. And the unlikely winner was Binita Baral (we better call her Beenita Baral).

Nepali film industry is becoming more competitive these days. Established actors and actresses are facing hard time in remaining relevant in these days and the new actors and film makers are ruling our film industry. In this race, actor / producer, Bhuwan KC‘s attempt to make a comeback was not successful.

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