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We had previously posted – Pre-release review of The Last Kiss and a Nepali article about the movie’s Censor Board tussle and our assumption (wrong) that the movie would be ‘sexy’ (in Nepali).

As we have mentioned in the pre-release review, this movie is an addition to movies following the new business success mantra of Nepali movie industry – sex. Released all over Nepal ‘The Last Kiss’ uses sex scenes and vulgar words to attract young people in the theater. The movie is produced by Yuvraj Khatri and directed by BB Phuyal and features Sovita Simkhada, Puskar Jung Thapa and Suresh Chaudhary in the leading roles. The censor board has granted adult certificate, not suitable for the viewers 16 years old or younger.


‘The Last Kiss’ has a suspense story. Movie starts with the death of a couple who had visited a forest for a romantic union. Another couple, Akash and Arya, went to the same forest to celebrate their first anniversary. A gang led by a character named Michael kills Akash but, their attempt to kill Arya was unsuccessful. The whole movie is about how Arya sought revenge from Michael and his gang. I don’t want to spoil the movie viewing experience by unveiling the real suspense of why Aakash was killed. 

Strength and Weakness:

The movie is full of weakness and the only strength it has is the ‘A’ certificate. With its adult certificate, few vulgar dialogues and kiss scenes it might get some sex-starved audience. That is all in the movie!

The movie has got weakness in all other aspects. It seems, the producer and director were only focused on vulgar contents and neglected all other aspects of the movie. One can easily feel the effects of low investment on budget, low investment on effort, and intention of fooling audience by focusing on sex. Although the movie’s story was supposed to be a thriller and suspense there is nothing thrilling in it.

The camera work is not good. Dialogues are below average. The story is elongated unnecessarily and it more boring than binding. In the second half of the movie, background score is too loud and irritating. The characters seem disjointed and are very ineffective in expressing themselves. Very weak script and screenplay has made it very difficult to be remained seated for the entire movie.

Even if the movie has got an adult certificate, it alone won’t be a reason enough for the viewers to attract to the theaters as there is no glamour in the movie. There aren’t any intimate scenes either. A few vulgar scenes in the movie are already shown in the promo and there is nothing more to see in the movie. If you have already watched the promo, you have already watched the ‘adult’ aspect of the movie.

Star Cast:

The entire star cast of the movie is new except Sovita Simkhada whose role is also average. The performance of all the actors is sub-standard. The roles of the characters are confusing and no actors have contributed significantly to their role. Everything including dialogue delivery and facial expression look artificial. Some thriller scenes felt like a comedy scene due to the poor performance of the actors involved. This movie can be a good example on showing how delivery of vulgar and adult dialogues also needs good actors.


I have to admit, ‘The Last Kiss’ is a bad movie! It’s a great disappointment!

I am not sure if adult certificate can be of any help either. Even if some people go to watch the movie initially, the response of them would surely warn potential viewers against going to theater. Scenes supposed to be serious or thriller are best candidate for a good laugh. Better save your time and money!

6 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Last Kiss

  1. This movie doesn’t make any sense. I am surprised that when did Nepali movie industry start to get that horrible and vulgar. We can estimate the stupid and nonsense stuffs in the movie right after taking a first look in the promo. Is it a movie or a factor to gain the attraction of young generation? Nepali movie industry has changed a lot and if this still goes on, I won’t feel ashamed to mention Nepali movies as just a distraction for young people. All Nepali movies just are focused on these vulgar stuffs to gain the attraction of young generation. I would rather say this as a stupidity more than a modernized movie industry.

  2. As the sex factor arose abruptly in the Nepali movie industry and broke all the aspects in the mid liner Nepali movie circles, every other cinema after seems to be following the same trend which has been an annoying fact these days. Its too stupidity of these stupid producers to even encourage such nuisance. These faggots should understand that their money is all down the drain. And some hyper new comers in movies industry pretending to be a modern individual seem to be harassing the audience by complete imbecility. They should learn what acting really is, rather than exposing the un-necessary sex appeals.

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