Friday Release – Champion

This Friday, on March 11, 2016, new Nepali movie ‘Champion’ is released in theaters. The movie initially scheduled to release on February 26 was delayed by a couple of weeks because of a controversy surrounding an ex-actor of the movie. The Censor Board had asked them to solve the issue before it could give them the clearance.

friday release champion nepali movie

Initially the movie was told to feature Nikhil Upreti and his wife Sanchita Luitel in leading role. But, when Nikhil couldn’t do the movie, a guy named Uddav Nepal was signed in to lead the movie. When the film team found him not suitable to do the role, they had signed in Dikpal Karki and Manjita KC to lead the movie. Other actors in the movie include Sahil Khan, JN Ghimire, Jagat Tamata, Sharada Acharya etc.

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Champion to release on February 26, Paras Khadka unveiled promo and poster

In an event held in Kathmandu, the promo and the posters of upcoming movie ‘Champion’ was released. In the movie made on the story of cricket players, some cricket players are also featured. In the press meet, the chief guest was the captain of the Nepali Cricket team, Paras Khadka. Talking in the ceremony, Paras requested everybody to watch the movie. In the event, the release date of the movie – February 26 (Falgun 14) was also announced.

Video report of the event:

In the start, actors Nikhil Upreti and actress Sanchita Luitel were to be featured in the movie. But, when NIkhil couldn’t give time for the movie, the film makers replaced Nikhil by Dikpal Karki and Sanchita by Manjita KC.

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Nepali Movie – The Last Kiss (Update)

Nepali MovieThe Last Kiss
StarringShovita Simkhada, Puskar Jung Thapa, Esmita Thapaliya, Ashmita Rai etc.
Director – BB Phuyal

The Nepali movie “The Last Kiss’ is a presentation of Xenium Films by the producer Yubraj Khatri. The review of ‘The Last Kiss’ was written at the time the movie was released in May of 2012. Before the Censor Board allowed for it’s release, a number of sex scenes in the movie were removed..
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Sanchita Luitel to be featured opposite to Nikhil Upreti in Champion

Actress Sanchita Luitel to be featured opposite to Nikhil Upreti in an upcoming movie ‘Champion’. The movie to be made on the story of cricket player will feature Nikhil as the batsman. Sanchita will be featured as the girlfriend of Nikhil.

Audio report:

The movie by the director BB Phuyal will be the first movie featuring the couple together after their marriage.

Nikhil and Sanchita fell in love in the sets of ‘Maya Ta Maya Ho’. After getting married secretly, they flew to Mumbai and struggled to get into the Bollywood film industry. After a while, Sanchita returned back to Nepal and gave birth to a son in 2011 and a daughter in 2012. Nikhil stayed in Mumbai in all those years. Now, Nikhil has also returned as a director in his home production movie, ‘Bhairav’. He is also featured in an upcoming movie ‘Lootera’ (scheduled to release on August 28) and is planning the second home production movie, ‘Bajarangi’.

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Nepali Drama – Rastra Sewak

Nepali Drama – Rastra Sewak
Starring – Dhruba Koirala, JN Ghimire, Raju Adhikari, BB Phuyal, Rachana Paudel, Rekha Lama etc.
Director – Shiva Sharma

‘Rastra Sewak’ is a presentation of Karuna Films. The background voice in the documentary-drama is Ayush Rijal. The cinematographer and editor of the darama is Kiran Adhikari. the story and creenplay is written by Degmani Pokhrel and the drama is produced by Rajeshwor Shrestha and Rita Pokhrel.  Continue reading

Four movies releasing this week

This week, on December 14, 2012 four Nepali movies are releasing in the theaters. Movies ‘Shyana’ and ‘Karbhahi’ are releasing all over Nepal, ‘Bhul Bhaya Maaf Gara’ is releasing in Kathmandu after it’s 2-years-old release in theaters out of Kathmandu. ‘Love You Man’ is releasing in the theaters out of Kathmandu.

SP Movie Maker’s ‘Shyana’ is directed by Sameer Miya and produced by Suraj Pradhan. The movie made on love story features actor Prasant Giri, Khusbu Khadga, Saloni Gurung, and Madan Shrestha in main roles. The movie was shot in various locations in Pa
lpa, Lumbini, Narayangad and Kathmandu. The movie features the cinematography of Binod Sapkota, choreography of Ratna Joshi and Suresh Chaudahri. The special effects in the movie is also told to be unique and interesting.

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'Love You Man' got an 'A' certificate

The movie made on the love story of a gay couple, ‘Love You Man’ is given an ‘A’ certificate by the censor board. ‘A’ certified movies are only suitable for viewers over 16-years old.

The producer Yubaraj Khatri told that the movie passed the censor board hurdle after third attempt. The movie is scheduled to be released on Friday, Dec 7.  The movie directed by BB Phuyal features actors Raj Aryan, Suresh Chaudhari and Pranisha Adhikari in leading roles.

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Movie Review – The Last Kiss

We had previously posted – Pre-release review of The Last Kiss and a Nepali article about the movie’s Censor Board tussle and our assumption (wrong) that the movie would be ‘sexy’ (in Nepali).

As we have mentioned in the pre-release review, this movie is an addition to movies following the new business success mantra of Nepali movie industry – sex. Released all over Nepal ‘The Last Kiss’ uses sex scenes and vulgar words to attract young people in the theater. The movie is produced by Yuvraj Khatri and directed by BB Phuyal and features Sovita Simkhada, Puskar Jung Thapa and Suresh Chaudhary in the leading roles. The censor board has granted adult certificate, not suitable for the viewers 16 years old or younger.


‘The Last Kiss’ has a suspense story. Movie starts with the death of a couple who had visited a forest for a romantic union. Another couple, Akash and Arya, went to the same forest to celebrate their first anniversary. A gang led by a character named Michael kills Akash but, their attempt to kill Arya was unsuccessful. The whole movie is about how Arya sought revenge from Michael and his gang. I don’t want to spoil the movie viewing experience by unveiling the real suspense of why Aakash was killed. 

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