Nepali Movie – The Last Kiss (Update)

Nepali MovieThe Last Kiss
StarringShovita Simkhada, Puskar Jung Thapa, Esmita Thapaliya, Ashmita Rai etc.
Director – BB Phuyal

The Nepali movie “The Last Kiss’ is a presentation of Xenium Films by the producer Yubraj Khatri. The review of ‘The Last Kiss’ was written at the time the movie was released in May of 2012. Before the Censor Board allowed for it’s release, a number of sex scenes in the movie were removed..
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Nepali Movie – Cheers

Nepali Movie – Cheers
StarringBhupen Chand, Puskar Jung Thapa, Raaz Aryan, Christie Paudel, Dhruba Koirala etc.
Director – Pawan Gautam

‘Cheers’ is a presentation of Xenium Films. The movie produced by Rajaram KC/ Yubraj Khatri features the cinematography of Deepak Baniya, choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj and music of Santosh / Nagendra Rajbansi. The lead actor Bhupen Chand is the son of ex-prime minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand.

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Movie Review – The Last Kiss

We had previously posted – Pre-release review of The Last Kiss and a Nepali article about the movie’s Censor Board tussle and our assumption (wrong) that the movie would be ‘sexy’ (in Nepali).

As we have mentioned in the pre-release review, this movie is an addition to movies following the new business success mantra of Nepali movie industry – sex. Released all over Nepal ‘The Last Kiss’ uses sex scenes and vulgar words to attract young people in the theater. The movie is produced by Yuvraj Khatri and directed by BB Phuyal and features Sovita Simkhada, Puskar Jung Thapa and Suresh Chaudhary in the leading roles. The censor board has granted adult certificate, not suitable for the viewers 16 years old or younger.



‘The Last Kiss’ has a suspense story. Movie starts with the death of a couple who had visited a forest for a romantic union. Another couple, Akash and Arya, went to the same forest to celebrate their first anniversary. A gang led by a character named Michael kills Akash but, their attempt to kill Arya was unsuccessful. The whole movie is about how Arya sought revenge from Michael and his gang. I don’t want to spoil the movie viewing experience by unveiling the real suspense of why Aakash was killed. 

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Nepali Movie – The Last Kiss (pre-release review)

Watch full movie here –> The Last Kiss (द लास्ट किस)

Nepali movie ‘The Last Kiss’ is releasing on  May 25, 2012. The movie directed by BB Phuyal features Shovita Simkhada, Puskar Jung Thapa, and Suresh Chaudhary in leading roles.

The movie features the music direction of Santosh Rajbanshi and Nagendra Rajbanshi, choreography of Govind Rai, story and script of Raj Sirish.

Crew Background

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Scenes of 'The Last Kiss' scissored – still not suitable for younger audience

The censor board of Nepal was not happy with the content of a movie known for vulgar dialogue and excessive sex scenes. The Nepali movie, ‘The Last Kiss’, named after a 2006 Hollywood movie is told to be full of kiss scenes, bed scenes, and vulgar dialogues.

We have posted the censor certificate of the movie in our Nepali blog in which, the certificate mentions two ‘vulgar’ words to delete. It also mentions a ‘kiss scene to delete’ and a scene in which ‘a tent is shown
shaking’ is to be deleted as well.

Even after the deletion of these scenes, the movie is still not considered to be suitable for the 16 year-olds and youngers. The movie features Puskar Jung Thapa and Shovita Simkhada in leading roles.