Mr Nepal 2011 is Rupak Ghimire but, did he buy the title?

The Mr. Nepal 2011 contest took place in Kathmandu on the February 26, 2011. The judging panel comprising of actors and actress Raj Ballav Koirala, Rekha Thapa, Jiwan Luitel among others choose Dr Rupak Ghimire the Mr. Nepal of 2011.

When the announcement of the final selection was done, a group of contestants started a protest against this decision on the stage. They accused the title winner of paying Rs. 5 lakh to the organizer to ensure he wins the title. Ashish Luitel argues that Ghimire was irregular in rehearsals and that was one of the reasons they suspected the result was biased.

I don’t know if Mr. Nepal title is worth Rs. 5 lakh… or if the organizers are that greedy (although, I have enough reasons to believe such events are done only for money). But, one thing is sure, everybody can’t be satisfied, only one person wins, and others have to accept the result.

Raj Ballav has posted a Facebook message to tell that the judgment was fair. Quote from his Facebook profile:

The graham bell machine is working but I am unwell. Judging Mr. Nepal was a different experience. I am still contemplating on the aftermath of the event. The jury members gave their best. And the major audience thought it was fair. Another reminder of how hard it is to please everybody and how tuff (tough?) it is to judge. But again, if we ever participate in those kinds of events let’s also carry this trait of ‘sportmanship’

6 thoughts on “Mr Nepal 2011 is Rupak Ghimire but, did he buy the title?

  1. Rupak congratulation for M.r Nepal 2011. I respect what you are…leave the people what they say about your bad matters..,don’t make u loser.
    Deuman subba

  2. asis dai, rupak ghimire ma ma ta sabai talent dekchu. tapailai rish uthnu pani swabhabik nai ho. tapaile mr nepal huna paunu vayena.. tara rupak ghimire ma kunai pani khot dekhdina ma, he’a perfect guy.

  3. Ashishji tapai ta Mr.Nepal Ko lagi underage hunuhuncha justo lagyo. Stop being so childish. Rupak Dai deserves this title. We know how hardworking he is!!!!

  4. Ashish Luitelji nahasau na ho………show us the proof……

    I bunked a lot of my classes and yet I passed my bloody exams….. Will you say I paid Rs 5 lakh to my teacher? Prove me that I bribed my teacher and I shall quit my profession….. hahaha…….

    Grow up hau grow up

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