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This year’s Mr and Miss Kathmandu is going to be held on August 25, 2010. There are 20 males who will be contesting for the title of Mr. Kathmandu and and 20 females contesting for the title of Miss Kathmandu.

I have questioned numerous times, why are Nepali people organizing beauty contest every now and then? Some even say that, the only thing Nepal is progressing is in ‘manufacturing’ beauties. When I looked at the procedure such contests are held, it looks like the most profitable and risk-free business that can be done in Nepal.

Is that why so many beauty contests are held in Nepal these days?

Let’s analyze

First of all, the organizer of Mr. and Miss. Kathmandu, “Expose Nepal dot com” doesn’t have a site. Then, what does that ‘dot com’ means?

A risk free business

If you are interested to participate you need to fill a form that costs you Rs. 300. But, that is only for the form. The admission fee is a different story. To be on conservative side, suppose 200 people purchase the form, the dot com company will earn Rs. 60,000 only from the forms.

Each participant has to pay an admission fee of Rs. 7500. I suppose that fee only applies to the selected 40 participants (20 males and 20 females). That will bring in an additional Rs. 300,000 to the organizers. The organizers will earn at least Rs. 360,000 in cash from the participants. As far as I know, almost everything including dress, venue, and prizes in such events are sponsored by various businesses. The organizers can generate huge amount of income from advertisement and broadcast rights in television or other medias.

If you see the ‘General Terms & Condition’ in the application form, you will only see points related to money. No information about the eligibility, procedure or anything – just money.

The only two points not related to money talk about photo and restriction:

If the contestant wins the Title he/she can participate in Mr. Nepal/Miss Nepal but not in any other contest.

I can’t say why this clause is that important.

Last year, the event was held in November and and Rabindra and Rajani were Mr. and Miss. Kathmandu 2009. I don’t know why the event is held 3 months earlier this year. It is to be noted there were only 16 male participants and 13 female participants in last year’s program.

Please share your views on such events. Thanks you.

One thought on “Mr. and Miss. Kathmandu – Expose business exposure

  1. i think u sud talk to organizer if ur not satisfied they have not forced n pulled n e 1 to participate ….. n before writhing plz be confirmed about every thin . 3 of the ladies contestant after the contest has been professional model n has acted in many ads n vdo …. n 3 male has already acted in movie …..

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