Nai Nabhannu La 2 celebrates 51 days in theater

Nepali movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ has successfully completed 51 days in theater. In Nepali film industry, 51-days celebration is considered the first milestone of a successful movie. On the occasion the celebration was held at Bishnu Film Hall in Dang, Tulsipur was special.

nai nabhannu la 2 -- dang 51 days celebration

To participate in the celebration, the director Bikash Acharya and child artist Anubhav Regmi had arrived in Dang. Hundreds of film viewers including local children were present at the theater to meet Anubhav and the team.

Watch the following video taken during the announcement of the movie for details on the cast and the crews of the movie:

The movie had also celebrated 51 days in Gopi and Guna theaters in Kathmandu. The film makers have told that the movie has earned more than 5 crore gross in Nepal and more earning is made in overseas shows.

The movie on a heart touching story of little children and melodious music has made the movie so successful.

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