Namrata Shrestha connects to her fans in Facebook and Twitter

In an interview with the Annapurna Post reporter actress Namrata Shrestha has told that she had been connecting to her fans through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. She told, her fans are of positive attitude and they are the only reason she is still active in the field. In the olden days, it wasn’t that easy. Celebrities meet their fans in person, took some photographs and offer autographs – that was all. They didn’t have a two way communication.

Namrata admitted, she gets a lot of proposals from her fans. Some even want to marry her and have kids. Others just want to be friends. But, she takes such proposals positively and says ‘thank you’ to them.

Namrata finds it interesting when her fans tell the story of the movies she had done. She usually forgets the roles and stories of the movies she had acted in but her fans remember them. The fans also provide critical reviews of her movies. Such reviews help her in improving her skills and make herself better.


If you want, you can also connect with Namrata in Twitter (follow #NamrataaS) and Facebook (

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  1. Namrata is the gift of the god there is no any douts becoz we all loves her much more N her acting skill is so fabulas.we want see her in differents kinds of role in upcoming movies.namrata is only the lucky1 who realized the oudince choice in movies her acting skill is so excellents. in nepali films industries no one can campare with of luck in every steps gets succese we all pray with our lord of ur lifeee.

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