Namrata Shrestha writing a movie, planning to direct it herself

One of the versatile actresses of Nepali movie industry, Namrata Shrestha, is writing the story of a movie. The model turned actress is a very good actress and dancer is known to work in movies that have stories that appeal to her.

According to an online magazine, Namrata has finished writing the first few chapters. Apart from being the writer of the movie, she is also planning on testing her directorial skills in the movie. It seems to be shaping up, to be a complete Namrata Shrestha movie with writing, direction and acting. The desire to direct  movie came from the fact that her some of her friends have already started film direction. But, she is willing to wait a while and establish herself in the acting career.

Before jumping in film making Namrata is studying the trends of movie and the progress it is doing. She is planning to take a few years in writing scripts and then start the actual production. So, it seems we need to wait a while before we can see a complete Namrata Shrestha movie.

This is not the first time an actress has written story in movies. Last time, actress Arunima Lamsal had written the script of ‘Deep Shikha’. It’s another story, the movie was a flop, and sent the writer Arunima Lamsal to rest. Arunima also took a break from acting when she decided to give birth to her daughter.

We hope Namrata learns from Arunima and consult other writers before finalizing the story. xNepali team wishes Namrata all the best in her venture.

Namrata has recently done the shooting of Aryan Sigdel‘s movie ‘November Rain’ and has returned from a family vacation in Pokhara.

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  1. for a while forget about the script and say what will be your max. budget you can invest in the film.

  2. I want to make film .i am looking good scrip .If you have any body to write film script please can you send me his phone no or e-mail address. I am now London

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