The script of ‘Kalo Pothi’ awarded Rs. 5.5 million cash prize

The director of ‘Basulli’, the movie chosen to be featured in Venice Film Festival, Min Bahadur Bham is awarded a cash prize equivalent to Rs. 55 lakh after wining an script competition. He has won the Swiss government (SDC) script competition of value $60,000. The prize amount is the production fund awarded to Min Bahadur to produce the movie.

min bahadur bham

The story and the script of the movie titled ‘Kalo Pothi’ is written by the director Min Bahadur himself. The movie is going to be made on the geography and life style of Karnali area. The artists of the film are yet to be finalized.

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Namrata Shrestha writing a movie, planning to direct it herself

One of the versatile actresses of Nepali movie industry, Namrata Shrestha, is writing the story of a movie. The model turned actress is a very good actress and dancer is known to work in movies that have stories that appeal to her.

According to an online magazine, Namrata has finished writing the first few chapters. Apart from being the writer of the movie, she is also planning on testing her directorial skills in the movie. It seems to be shaping up, to be a complete Namrata Shrestha movie with writing, direction and acting. The desire to direct  movie came from the fact that her some of her friends have already started film direction. But, she is willing to wait a while and establish herself in the acting career.

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Shiva Regmi – Nepali movie director

Wishing director and script writer Shiva Regmi a happy birthday, we present his personal profile (August 21, 2012):

Nepali director, Shiva Regmi, was Born in 2021 BS (1965 AD) in Baraghare of Chitwan, Nepal. Regmi is a well known Nepali film director, producer, and script writer. Shiva Raj Regmi is the eldest son of Late Khaga Raj Regmi and Bhakta Maya Regmi. He married Gyanu Regmi in 1985 and they have four children – Samjhana Regmi, Bhawana Regmi, Abhishesh Regmi and Pallabi Regmi. His daughter Bhawana Regmi is debuting as an actress in an upcoming movie ‘So Simple’, directed by Shiva Regmi.

Shiva Regmi has directed a number movie including the 2012 release ‘Phool’ (xnepali review of Phool).

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