Namrata to organize a concert to help Kumar Kancha

In a latest news, Namrata Shrestha is told to be organizing a huge concert on December 18, 2010 to raise fund for the treatment of bed-ridden singer Kumar Kancha. Well known singer, Kancha, had recently went through spinal cord surgery and


Namrata has recently finished shooting of one of her movies “Miss U…” and another movie, “Purle Days”, is yet to commence. She has made a wise use of her free time by hosting the concert featuring the popular singers in Nepal. Currently, Namrata is searching for the sponsors of the event.

The concert is told to feature singers and musical bands like Ram Krishna Dhakal, Hemanta Rana, Shreya Sotang, 1974 AD, Dharmendra Sewang, Aghosh, and Unity among others.

It looks like actress Namrata Shrestha has fully recovered from her scandal event and it’s after effects. She has shown how strong she is in terms of handling the worst possible event in life and I appreciate her courage and dedication to her profession.

We wish all the best to Namrata for her effort.

Kumar Kancha is critically ill and is facing a huge financial problem in treatment. Worldwide fund raising is underway to help the Nepali singer. (His appeal for financial help in the following video:)

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